2days Press, log burner letter to Ed, worth readin

golfaholic2, Apr 26, 10:11pm
There is a good letter to the Editor in The Press today .
It is stating quite clearly the state of play as I have been explaining it to everyone who will listen .
It is written by Brian Anderson .
Brian is a combustion engineer who does some contract work for ECan , including considerable input towards the new test method for Ultra Low Emission burners .
The public needs to be informed of the shonkey actions of those at ECan and the failing of the Ministry .

tonijo, Apr 27, 12:06am
yes, I read that - very interesting.

golfaholic2, Apr 27, 12:29am
You may also have read the letter from Pat Palmer .
Pat is a member of a group of scientists and doctors (A.I.R) who have been fighting the bullshit science the Ministry and ECan have been using to force us all into electricity driven heating .

Pat and his mates took their fight to the Environment Court and won provisions in the Chch air plan for the continued use of old log burners "the air plan link on ECans website changed sometime in the last year to a generic version covering Canterbury , rather than the Chch city specific plan" .
I mentioned those provisions in another thread . one was for ECan to publically anounce nights where old burner can be used when weather is suitable for doing so . high wind nights etc .
Pat alludes to this provision ,and makes an interesting point regarding fines/ court action .
ECan are not telling us the whole truth . in fact far from it !

They need to be exposed , and sacked ! . we need to take back control of our air . or at least hand it to someone with common sense .

lambrat, Dec 6, 4:55pm
bump . a year later, and ecan smoke police are still full of it.

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