Phone Books

Are they going to do a collection for the old books or do we just place them in the yellow bins? Anyone know

honest-reliable, Sep 24, 10:41 pm

Yellow bin.

fineo, Sep 25, 4:42 am

Ours went from the mail box straight into the yellow bin.

shakirafan, Sep 25, 10:49 am

Same here, i thought they were going to check first who wanted them rather than just continue to deliver them to everyone

benfolds, Sep 26, 5:25 pm

I gave mine back to the guys who threw them out of the trailer.

tennisfanz, Sep 27, 9:28 pm

my mum missed out they didn't deliver hers

shazbut, Sep 27, 9:37 pm

Lots of them still sitting on ground or letterboxes.

coolnzmum, Sep 27, 10:23 pm

Still use ours. Find it easier to use than on computer.

sparkyz, Sep 27, 11:16 pm

they will probably do this next year

honest-reliable, Oct 5, 4:52 pm

Should just cancel mandatory delivery, and have a sign-up form for those that do want it.

astrophe, Oct 5, 5:18 pm

You could opt out of delivery.
I did a longtime ago, They instead, leave a note in your letterbox to confirm you opted out and info if property has changed hands and new owner wants the books.

kiwicarol, Oct 5, 5:59 pm

I was surprised to see they delivered them to the empty section in front of me - there is a letterbox there, but no house, so no phone!

bootsy2003, Oct 5, 7:47 pm

So did ours as it was delivered one very wet Saturday and even though in a plastic bag was completely soaked and pages have bubbled up and stuck together as it dried. Useless to us now, we will just use the online search instead.

babylak, Feb 17, 2:40 am

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