Electronics or power tools 'recycling'?

Anyone know what the options are with old electronics such as printers, DVD writers, even power tools? Apart from dumping them at a refuse station.

madam127, Oct 4, 6:19 pm

$1 reserve. somebody'll want them.

jefrys17, Oct 4, 6:21 pm

You dont need to dump them - there are recycling depots at the refuse stations.

ryanm2, Oct 4, 8:04 pm

Kilmarnock enterprises Riccarton Road near the railway, disassemble electronics for recycling, or they did a while back.

planespotterhvn, Oct 8, 11:36 pm

Molten media take PC stuff, Corner Waltham and worsdworth

jon9, Oct 9, 8:12 am

You'll find that you take take most of that stuff to the crap yard and they'll pay you for them.

digga7, Jan 25, 4:07 am

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