Petition for A Royal Commission

derrida, Sep 16, 3:36am
Thought it best to create a new thread with the link:
A proper inquiry will stop this fiasco happening again and should contribute to the people of Canterbury getting a fair deal in accordance with the EQC Act and their insurance policies., Sep 16, 4:15am
Many thanks, the dropbox one didn't print out right for me.

derrida, Sep 18, 12:27am
Bumping for anybody who missed this:-)

tigger250, Sep 19, 11:42pm
I'm sorry being bit cynical here. While I agree that the whole EQC thing is a real mess, I wonder what if anything the petition will do, apart from costing a whole lot of money.

david_270, Sep 19, 11:47pm
People are giving their time voluntarily to run the petition.
As for a Royal Commission - do you support the sods getting away with it all? They will only do it again & again, unless we try to learn some lessons, and prepare better for the next event.
How much extra unnecessary cost has already been incurred by multiple dodgy scopes & repairs?

tigger250, Sep 19, 11:55pm
Calm down petal. I have signed the petition - it is at work, but still don't know what good it will do.

oskybosky, Apr 15, 4:45pm
It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.

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