Police raid Alan Reay offices - BUT?

greenfruit1, Jun 16, 5:20am

I've always wanted to know and many people in general conversation have also questioned. Who authorised the re occupation of the CTV building between September and February.
Maybe I look at it this way the building did survive the September EQ, did its job if it was day time and everyone would have walked away safe.
But someone in the government or council authorised that the building was safe to be re occupied.
So why are they not being investigated for their failings in assessing the safety of the building.

shannie1998, Jun 16, 5:52am
Greenfruit - I worked opposite the CTV building and it was never not occupied.
On the Council website they explained the yellow, red, green sticker inspection system. It was a visual inspection only of the outside of a building looking for immediate pedestrian danger.
Engineer inspections were the responsibility of the building owner.

david_270, Jun 16, 6:10am

william1980, May 23, 3:25pm
It's all in the royal commission report.
- No evidence to suggest the building was weakened by the Sept quake.
- Building was green stickered after Sept (the same process for all buildings and based on visual damage). The building manager later commissioned a more through engineering report, which found it was safe to occupy (although the engineer had asked for the design drawings but never received them).

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