Dog attack - Ferrymead. 3 x Pitbull x's onto one.

If any Christchurch people witnessed or heard about a dog attack at Ferrymead late this afternoon. please post. Three pit bull crosses onto a gentle greyhound. Greyhound now lying sedated with drains out of her and massive antibiotics and drugs going into her. She is the gentlest soul and is fortunate that she has an amazing turn of speed, and an ability to hide. Would like to stop these dogs from hurting anything else. Could have been kids.

devine-spark, Oct 2, 9:05 pm

That is horrific to read and I hope the Greyhound recovers. I also hope the attacking dogs are found and dealt with appropriately along with the owner who should pay what will be a very large vet bill. Please post a follow up especially on the poor Greyhound.

kacy5, Oct 2, 9:17 pm

Will do. She is a sorry sight tonight. :-(

devine-spark, Oct 2, 9:51 pm

And go to the Press if you haven't already. Someone must know these dogs., Oct 2, 9:55 pm

Pit bull cross with what?

winkadink, Oct 2, 9:57 pm

Really sorry to read this, I have a greyhound and I worry about the roaming dogs in my neighbourhood attacking her too. They are the gentlest dogs, in a crunch I guess I'd have to let her run for it but with a greyhound thats the last thing you want to do - they're too big to have racing over roads. Please post an update.

tomber, Oct 2, 10:41 pm

So sorry to hear about this, hope she recovers quickly and the dogs are found.

snoozeybub, Oct 3, 8:06 am

Ring the Community Watch people, who police the area, they'd most probably know who owns three pitbulls; and my guess is they will be people in gangs or have gang connections.
Ring the police and ask them for the phone number of the local community watch team.
You could also put a notice on the Supermarket noticeboard at both Woolston and Ferrymead supermarkets, asking for information.
There are also community newspapers to give away in the foyer of the Ferrymead supermarket, so contact a journalist and they could do a story on it.

iwikiwi, Oct 3, 8:12 am

I hope she will be ok, how awful! And I hope the three dogs can be tracked down before they attack another pet.
Have you tried ringing dog control in case they know of these dogs, I'm sure ages ago I heard a story like this in Woolston, but can't remember the details.

nz_nicola, Oct 3, 8:34 am

Council was straight back to me last night. Amazing response. Dog is doing better this morning and I will pick her up soon. She is such a peaceful dog this has been a real shock. She was very clever to run (about 2km) and hide.

devine-spark, Oct 3, 9:13 am

This is every dog owner's nightmare. Was it the area behind the Historic Park where the Maori village was going to be? I often walk our dogs there.

lorischch, Oct 3, 9:15 am

I am so pleased she's doing ok and can go home soon,

nz_nicola, Oct 3, 9:35 am

Does it really matter? They were allowed to maul another dog. Any dog of whatever breed .that does that unprovoked should be euthanised.
Hope the OP's poor dog recovers.

hound31, Oct 3, 10:09 am

Yes it does really matter for someone who lives in the area and has to keep an eye out in hopes of spotting the dogs and reporting!
Good luck OP my thoughts are with you and your dog.

winkadink, Oct 3, 2:31 pm

It mattered enough to the o/p for them to post with absolute surity that they were "pitbull x." This whole thread is about breed from the header to the comments. My Golden Retriever was attacked by a pack of 3 dogs once in Christchurch, they were Jack Russells- out of control- and my dog required vet care for numerous puncture wounds and bites. Any dog attack is awful and I hope the negligent owners of these ( possibly ) bull breed dogs is tracked down and held accountable and the dogs are captured before they're able to do any more damage. Just for the record the Jack Russells weren't PTS.

aphra1, Oct 3, 3:27 pm

Well yes it matters if you're trying to identify them! A pitbull/staffy cross is a bit different from a pitbull/shepard cross!

2bit, Oct 3, 4:00 pm

sorry for intruding. normally in general, but I hope your poor dog is ok. I feel quite sick when I hear of attacks by uncontrollable dogs on gentle dogs just going on around and minding their own business. but I still blame the mongrel owners who bought these once innocent little puppies themselves into a world of violence and probably a crap home life as well.

katybaty, Oct 3, 4:06 pm

Imagine if this had been a small child.

Dont forget to inform the dog ranger at the Council

shannie1998, Oct 3, 4:12 pm

pointing out the obvious - can't have been a very serious sort of attack - 3 large strong dogs, the greyhound would be long dead. BTW, greyhounds have alot of sting too when they want. Any attack sucks, but dramatics don't help. They must have been small dogs?

mottly, Oct 3, 4:52 pm

big, small or medium size dogs it doesn't matter the fact is these were uncontrolled dogs and any attack IS SERIOUS. All dogs need to be on a lead and under the control of their owner and these things would NOT happen.

honest-reliable, Oct 3, 6:26 pm

Hey Mottly, the dogs made a very serious attack and had the greyhound on her back with all three on top of her. It was a miracle she was able to get to her feet at all, and the fact that she had some speed was the only thing that saved her. Not serious? $1200 worth of serious! She is in a very sad way today but she is doing much better than we all thought last night. The rather shocked woman who had our girl also had two children to get to safety and 'pit bull' was the nearest description she could come up with. It turns out they were possibly staffys and maybe purebred. The owners were abysmal and went on verbal attack and my friend was very scared.
For your info, our girl is a wimp, thinks she is human, and she was harmlessly enjoying a picnic with the kids.

devine-spark, Oct 3, 6:42 pm

I hope you do not own a dog. Or a cat. Or a goldfish.

lorischch, Oct 4, 7:30 am

Regardless of the breed these dogs should have not been roaming the streets.
What a nightmare situation to have happen to the poor dog.

I have 2 pugs, a poodle cross, and a pitbull cross myself.
It would destroy me if any of them were attacked when out on a walk, and it is something that im always aware of.

Hope the dog is recovering ok, mentally and physically.

millerz08, Oct 4, 7:45 am

My thought too.

millerz08, Oct 4, 7:46 am

Yes, our girl is improving but very sore. Is on meds for infection and pain and has bandages wrapped around her torso and chest. Poor girl. She is very happy to just be with me and is enjoying the chicken or cheese that I put her meds into.

devine-spark, Oct 4, 8:57 am

So sad to read this terrible news, I hope you and your girl are doing ok. Take care.

erin722, Oct 4, 9:17 am

So glad your girl is on the mend, we often walk our two samoyeds in ferrymead too, where abouts did this happen?

micnic, Oct 4, 9:25 am

At the area just off the road coming into Ferrymead where there is a little carpark, grassed area and picnic table up where the kite surfers can be watched. See the update in another post. They were Staffy's.

devine-spark, Oct 4, 9:37 am

I'm so sorry for your dog, that's awful. If they are from the same family three of any type of dogs would usually be known of in a smaller community like Ferrymead? Perhaps find a community Facebook page and post on there, at the least to warn other dog owners.

doto, Oct 4, 11:32 am

Thanks doto. I shall have a look for one.

devine-spark, Oct 4, 2:25 pm

This is why I often carry a knife when I walk my dogs. They are tiny & defenseless so using a knife to kill an attacking dog would be the only way to save them.

steve198, Oct 4, 3:39 pm

It would be hard to take on these three dogs steve198.

devine-spark, Oct 4, 5:28 pm

I agree 100% but usually I imagine it would be a single aggressive dog attacking not a pack of them.

steve198, Oct 4, 7:19 pm

That's awful. Greyhounds are such lovely, sweet dogs. I hate to read about attacks like that, and irresponsible owners who think having a menacing dog that is out of control somehow reflect well on them.

daisyhill, Oct 4, 9:43 pm

gosh you have to be careful there, a lot of vans with druggies and drinkers who also have dogs go there, not a pleasant spot to drive in and watch the wind surfers now, and the discusting mess these people in the vans are dumping, something needs to be done about it, so the dogs may be from one of the vans, good to ring the council and get them to keep an eye on that area, we won't go there now.we use to go there on a lovely summers night and take our tea, or lunch, but not now, makes you sick to see the mess

kids4ever, Oct 5, 5:09 am

I was attacked by a dog many years ago and it tried to savage my arm, still have problems with it and always will, so very lucky I wasn't worse off, those dogs could have attacked the children, just keep away from that area

kids4ever, Oct 5, 5:15 am

There was, apparently, a van that the woman with our girl did not see but someone else did. The vehicle we know of was a dark battered sedan possibly a Nissan or Toyota about 1992. The owners of the staffy's followed them alongside the estuary around the back of the Vets up towards the bridge. The woman with the Staffy's carried on abusing the carer of our dog in front of two small children. Nasty piece of work. Had a tall well built Maori man and another olive skinned man with her. The last man had actually been nicer and tried to stop the dogs but they were out of control. Any help to find these people and dogs would be very appreciated. This was just after 4pm on Thursday.

devine-spark, Oct 5, 5:17 am

So glad she is OK. Thank god she has a wonderful owner. I have very large dogs, and no longer walk them in my area, because of all the loose pitbull, and crosses around. Big hugs to her.

hawkemoon1, Oct 5, 10:27 am

Yuck. they should be banned! There is no need whatsoever to have dogs like that! I thought pets were supposed to be cute and cuddly. shame some people don't think so!

doggybear, Oct 5, 9:20 pm

Ive seen this post on Facebook, you can't say "pitbull cross" then "staffs possibly purebred" are you talking english staffs or american ones? You are best to stick to the actual facts of what is known assuming just puts off people that may otherwise have known something, colour/sex/height/weight Im glad your dog is alive because three pitbulls or staffs or any 3 of any breed I would've thought would've killed in moments, I do not walk my dogs anywhere in public anymore, Ive had many bad experiences with others walking their dogs off leads or no owners in sight, Be careful with your girl she may not be her normal temperament & always always have your dog on a lead

virgogirl1983, Oct 5, 10:56 pm

Feral owners should be banned really. I'm so sorry for the horrible attack on you dog and family.

tennisfanz, Oct 6, 11:45 am

Apparently they are known by quite a few at the park where people watch the kite surfers and they were there for a few days, and washed the dogs near or in the toilets. One of the dogs was called Keeler.
Someone must know who these people were. The nearest description we have is staffy type, so shorter than the others, muscular, two brindle and one darker. Woman was shortish about 5'1" - 5'2", thin and with her mousey brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. With a tall well built Maori guy and another more slender man with olive skin. The woman was very abusive and swore lots in front of the children, she was aggressive and nasty and scared the sitter with the dog. The Maori chap was nasty too, but the other guy tried to stop the dogs and was more apologetic. The car was a darkish (grey?) possible toyota or nissan, a little beaten up, could have been a caldina. Please help us find these people. I see this as a owner issue just as much as a dog issue. Sorry if we cannot describe the dogs better but the sitter was frightened and worried about the children, and our girl. There is not point in beating around the bush - they looked like staffy's. and they were in pack mentality.

devine-spark, Oct 6, 1:45 pm

I really hope you find these people and their dogs. If they were washing the dogs near or in the toilets I'm wondering if they were passing through? No help to you I know. Hope your poor dog is recovering as best she can. I know how awful this is, been through a very similar attack on my dogs some time ago and know how devastating it can be. All the best.

hound31, Oct 6, 1:55 pm

They may have washed them after they attacked our girl, as they would have been covered in mud from chasing her up the estuary, but they also would have had blood on them.

devine-spark, Oct 6, 2:01 pm

I hope these people are found soon and the dogs are PTS and the owners charged. They should have had those mongrels on a leash.

lyingnun, Oct 6, 2:12 pm

Oh yes, sorry, didn't think about that. I can still remember washing the blood out from under my nails when I got home after leaving my two at the vets:(
Best of luck with tracking them down and keep us posted as to how your girl is if you have time.

hound31, Oct 6, 2:12 pm

Normally I would agree except originally they 100% looked like pitbulls (including your heading) so maybe you're just not sure and should say that & just state the facts, 2 or more of any dog is enough for a pack mentality & your incredibly lucky you have her at all, like i say I know your upset but you can't change your story and be sure, its confusing

virgogirl1983, Oct 6, 3:58 pm

YES. virgogirl1983. I have explained that it was not ME at the attack, and I posted before I had been able to get all the information. I actually tried to start a new post. and you can see that. but everyone is posting here. Are we OVER that! Cripes some people! If I had not put down a type of dog, or say, called it a chihuahua, would I cop this? The fact is, once I was able to talk to the extremely shocked person who was there at the attack I was able to then post that they were MOST LIKELY staffy, or staffy cross dogs based on her description and a picture she found. Now. my point is this was an unprovoked attack, the dogs have left one park and moved to the one next door in order to attack a dog that was with a couple of kids and their minder.
And, yes, I am upset but more by people who go on and on about dumb things. I wish to make it VERY clear that I do not hate any breed of dog and blame owners who let their dogs down by not training or controlling them correctly. And yes, most bully breeds are awesome friendly dogs and fantastic pets. these ones clearly were not!
I wish to find these dogs and make sure they don't do it again. End of story.

devine-spark, Oct 6, 4:59 pm

Copied from my posting about STAFFY type dog attack just for the people who are confused re pit bull. PLEASE READ.
Update on Thursday dog attack 3 x Staffy types
On Thursday afternoon just after 4pm three dogs that would seem to be a Staffordshire type (will post a pic) attacked a greyhound that was with two young children and their carer. The carer was focused on getting the children away and her description of the dogs initially was a pit bull type but it would seem now to be staffy. There were 3 of them, 2 brindle and 1 dark Black/brown. They got our girl very quickly and at one stage she had all three on top of her and it was only good luck she got to her feet. She took off and managed to outrun them, travelling about 2km before hiding, terrified. The attack was at a little park on the edge of the Estuary at Ferrymead, where people watch the kite surfers. The park that has a little patch of grass and a few car parks is next to a bigger area where the Staffy owners were further east of it. When the greyhound took off she went towards Ferrymead historic park and ran under the bridge eventually being found on wasteland behind Settlers Crescent.
The owners of the attacking dogs were a woman with mousey brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, skinny and short (about 5'1" - 5'2") and with a nasty potty mouth. One tall, well built Maori man, who was also aggressive, and another olive skinned man, who was the nicest of the bunch and he tried to capture the 3 dogs but they took off chasing the greyhound and would not stop.

devine-spark (91 91 positive feedback) 8:27 am, Sat 3 Oct #1
They drove some sort of older model Nissan or Toyota sedan that was knocked about, possibly a 1992ish vintage. Others were around but the witnesses also missed the rego. Our friend was desperately trying to protect the children from seeing the dog attack, and also from hearing the language of the owners, so her description is a bit blurred. She was very upset to have the dog in her charge attacked too.
$1200 worth of surgery later, our girl is now on the mend physically, very sore and wrapped in bandages. She is a cheerful soul though and although obviously traumatised, is enjoying being fed bits of chicken with her tablets in them. She is starting to heal physically but she is very shaken. We would very much like to track down these dangerous dogs and make sure that no other attacks can happen. These people should not own dogs.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

devine-spark (91 91 positive feedback) 8:28 am, Sat 3 Oct #2
Dogs looked like this.

devine-spark (91 91 positive feedback) 8:53 am, Sat 3 Oct #3

devine-spark, Oct 6, 5:02 pm

aah, but who are the mongrels - the people or the dogs. good luck OP.

ruby2shoes, Feb 16, 2:10 am

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