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stojo, Jun 23, 6:56am
Fair call :) Some cycle lanes are of poor desighn to tho and some riders will be out further to be away from car doors etc. I see how it could be frustrating though

hunter__, Jun 23, 7:10am
Remember the great Port Hills mamil fight of 2012?, one mamil wouldn't get off the track for a faster mamil.

trogedon, Jun 23, 7:11am
blb71 wrote:
What if the driver felt unsafe to do so? Many cyclist can be unpredictable,

He is a middle aged guy who's been cycle commuting on that route for 18 years. One would assume he was a reasonably safe road using cyclist.

trogedon, Jun 23, 7:12am
This has NOTHING to do with the discussion. Voted - off.

blb71, Jun 23, 7:12am
It would be good to see wider cycles lanes in more places. Along with wider roads in general.

trogedon, Jun 23, 7:15am

blb71, Jun 23, 7:23am
[/quote=trogedon]blb71 wrote:
What if the driver felt unsafe to do so? Many cyclist can be unpredictable,

He is a middle aged guy who's been cycle commuting on that route for 18 years. One would assume he was a reasonably safe road using cyclist.[quote]

If I may be honest. It is the middle aged men that are all decked out in cycling gear that I find to be the worst cyclists. Not all but a hell of a lot. Just like many older drivers are not so safe either. It is not only the young ones. Many years of driving/cycling is not an automatic ticket to be safe on the road.

likit, Jun 23, 8:03am
So the cop & the judge got it wrong, you embarrass me as a fellow cyclist.

likit, Jun 23, 8:07am
It's my opinion, one I'm entitled to, you are entitled to your opinion.You seem to have trouble understanding that.

astrophe, Jun 23, 8:09am
How many times do you need to hear that he wasn't as far left as he could have been?

I'm giving up talking to brick walls.

likit, Jun 23, 8:09am
You seem to be referring to city driving whereas I'm referring to more open road, wasn't the Port Hills incident on a 80km/hr speed zone, I'm not sure.

astrophe, Jun 23, 8:10am
The police officer, however, was THERE.

astrophe, Jun 23, 8:11am
The driver knew that this guy had been cycling for 18 years?

You reckon?

stojo, Jun 23, 8:28am
You've misquoted me there
how can he pass judgement on what is reasonably practical & safe? The only one who can is the rider

archereon, Jun 23, 8:36am
Can anyone else see what is the wrong with the position above, anyone?

bergkamp, Jun 23, 8:41am
ive been cycling this route since 1982 , I figure i've probably climbed this hill 2 - 3000 times (and It never gets easier) - I ride hard left and even occasionally signal vehicles to pass .

in those years I've had all sorts of shit thrown at me out of windows , abuse , cars pass with the most minimal clearances , 1 car stop in the middle road with 2 guys jumping out wanting to fight,car vs car blind corner overtaking , a wave of carnage with cars on their roofs or down the hill ,boy racers who see you as 10 points and cyclists with smiles on their faces. i wonder what Harry Ell would make of all this - his vision was for everyone to capture the beauty of these hills

Trog ,how are ya?

stojo, Jun 23, 8:41am
Please tell me

likit, Jun 23, 8:52am
Unfortunately there are idiot motorists & cyclists

archereon, Jun 23, 8:58am
One, what the bicyclist or the news report did not even comment on was where the motorcycle cop was during the incident. Maybe right behind the van. Probably quite likely if he was determine it was the geezer on the push bike who deserved the ticket.
Two, if only the bicyclist can determine whether it was safe to let the van pass, then you are creating a condition when bicyclists are never in the wrong, and that would be a very bad precedent to set
Three, as a motorist, I would never behave in the way that bergkamps post describes, but I am not all motorists,just as there are bad drivers, however there are also rude and arrogant bicyclists who should not be on the road. The difference is, there are more methods of getting bad drivers off the road than there are of getting bad bicyclists off the road.

doggitt, Jun 23, 9:01am
It's the policeman's job to judge things like that.

bergkamp, Jun 23, 9:12am
up there , in all these years , the idiot motorist would easily outnumber the idiot cyclist 100 to 1 . why ?how? because the cyclist has everything to lose .

andrewcg53, Jun 23, 9:16am
No he wasn't obeying the road rules and was proved in court

irenew, Jun 23, 9:22am
Cops sometimes get things wrong and he did in this case. The cyclist was riding to the left of the road and the vehicle following was the one that was holding up traffic.

archereon, Jun 23, 9:31am
Actually if you take into account 'risk compensation' and bicycle helmet laws which makes some bicyclists feel bullet proof, you get problems. Bicycle helmets are designed to protect your head from bike falls not windscreens.

archereon, Jun 23, 9:31am
So bicyclists are never in the wrong?

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