"Public asked to stay away from Police implosion"

xmakara, May 2, 6:39am

"A spokeswoman for the project said best practice safety standards meant it was safer for the public not to watch live.The team appreciates there is public interest in the event and is planning to accommodate this with media assistance.The public is therefore encouraged to not attend on implosion day but instead view it from home."

If there is a way to get everyone to watch the implosion. It's banning them all.

jonners2013, May 2, 8:52am
would never have even been on the public radar were it not for a certain website incorrectly posting a "confirmed" date. But you're right, they're giving it ten times the publicity now, which guarantees even more interest.

calista, May 2, 8:47pm
She's not too bright about how to discourage live interest is she?

bigrichie, May 2, 9:15pm
best they just realise this is going to be in the public interest radar and plan how to manage the people watching the implosion rather than banning it. I watched, along with many, the first implosion which was in the Armagh St area and it was well managed, safe, and provided a means for many to take stock of what had happened, come together and share stories. Surely there is a way to let people watch from a safe distance.

lambrat, Dec 3, 9:08pm
lol, theres a (usually) very low key cannabis law reform protest starting today at noon in cathedral square for a couple of speeches, then continuing at latimer square. it'll be great if the building went down during that !

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