The Insurance council speaks

david_270, Mar 31, 8:35pm
Haven't seen this before.
Please get out your hankies before reading:

cloffie, Mar 31, 8:53pm
*wipes eyes* smarting from the stench of bullsh****

shazza351, Mar 31, 9:20pm
"But there is no venal, money-grabbing insurance monster out there trying to delay, deny or defend" I think the Queensland govt review of insurance companies' behaviour after the floods might disagree!

shazza351, Mar 31, 9:26pm
"I took over the position of Chief Executive in November last year and as some of you may know, I do not come from an insurance background nor a legal one." what qualification does the chief exec of the insurance council have for this position! According to the NBR."He is a former political reporter, political adviser and chief adviser to former Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley when she was leader of the opposition" Oh!

hd07, Apr 1, 3:30am
Has anyone thought how insurance worked BEFORE the Chch EQ! NOBODY was prepared for it, and no company was prepared for it. The rest of the insurance industry (and country btw) is smarting from this, and learning from it. The rest of the country is also suffering major insurance premium hikes.

shazza351, Apr 1, 4:39am
the insurance industry is smarting! IAG announced a profit of $815 million in the 6 months to Dec 2012, net profit after tax increased to $461 million up from $144 million in the previous corresponding period.

hd07, Apr 1, 5:26am
Is that from insurance premiums though! or from reinvesting their profit!

shazza351, Apr 1, 6:13am their future profits should be very, very good

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