OT-can you reccomend a driving school plz

pinkpig3, Mar 26, 5:57pm
My nearly 17yr son is about to take his restricted licence in a month (or so he thinks) but I would like him to have lessons from someone else 1st. Has your child had professional lessons lately! Thanks in advance.

pinkpig3, Mar 26, 5:59pm
Whoops, spelling in title!

hello68, Mar 26, 6:32pm
Waimak Driving School.

jules555, Mar 26, 10:51pm

pepper-nala, Mar 26, 11:13pm
Our son went thru defensive driving school, guy really good and was cheaper than a lot of others.

andrew697, Mar 27, 7:11am
Waimak Driving Schoolwere great.

pinkpig3, Mar 27, 9:39am
Thank you, we will read up on these suggestions. My son has been driving our automatic, but just needs more guidence, from someone who doesn't sit with heart in mouth for the whole outing.

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