CHCH people.what do u recommend re insurance?

willoughbys, Mar 17, 10:29pm
In hindsight, please can you recommend what you should have in yr insurance policys re hm and contents!

robyn35, Mar 17, 10:38pm
get the best policy you can afford, make sure you have enough contents insurance and be aware temporary accomodation allowance is calculated at approx 25% of your total $ amount that you have your contents insured for.So if you have $100,000 contents insurance, should your house be badly damaged and you have to move out you would have $25,000 of temporary accomodation cover.Check that the policy has an allowance for removal and storage of your contents as well.Most of all read all the fine print and know exactly what your policy covers and if in any doubt found out what it means and be very aware of what the document actually means in terms of replacement old for new for example

kiwicarol, Mar 17, 10:58pm
Personally having always had insurance and been an advocate of doing so not I am not sure I will ever bother with home insurance again after the hassles since the EQs. Contents I would still have but cant see me having house insurance in the future if/when my current claim ( house deemed uneconomic to repair, but still liveable) ever gets sorted. In fact have been toying with the idea of cancellingmy house claim altogether. Obviously not a decision to take lightly and not something I would recommend as everyone's situation is unique. Future insurance costs for me will probably not be affordable.

robyn35, Mar 17, 11:18pm
Hi kiwicarol, you still have problems!Mine have just gotten a whole lot worse after another PM change and assessment, the whole situation it turning into a sick cruel joke really.

sunnychch, Mar 17, 11:58pm
yeah we have 50,000 contents insurance which means our accomodation allowance is $12,700 which at the moment won't cover the length of repairs we need.thats a big consideration which I never even thought about

sunnychch, Mar 17, 11:59pm
hi robyn hope you havent gotten Wayne have you, we are now on PM number 4 which is actually the original one from our assesment in May 2011 .

kiwicarol, Mar 18, 12:50am
sorry to hear that Robyn. The whole thing is just an appalling disgrace. The rules seem to change daily. Hope you gets things sorted satisfactorily. Maybe get an advocate to assist.
I just cant be bothered with it all anymore at present. I did get a written apology from EQC last week but still waiting on settlement of my Feb claim. As for SR after catching up with all the changes made recently and watching the meeting vids online all I can say is "what a joke"

greenfruit1, Mar 18, 1:10am
Get the tape measure out measure your HOUSE, GARAGE, PATIO, DECKS. The number of people caught out by this. Is the garage include with the house eg is it bigger than 20 sqm etc etc etc.

robyn35, Mar 18, 2:47am
oh no, that is a worry, Im over insured really but thats ok at the moment as it means I have heaps of temp accom cover.You might need to look at your contents cover after all this settles down, we had a garage fire years ago and it came to about 25K to replace all our gear in that so imagine what a household would cost

rmd4, Mar 18, 6:40am
Heads up. new contents insurance with Vero, $120,000 sum insured,gets us only $5,000 accomodation allowance. And car insurance . Vero wanted me to pay premiums based on age and car model etc, but refused to tell me the sum insured. Said it was for my own good, to avoid disappointment if I made a claim.Yeah, right.

shazza351, Mar 18, 7:10am
don't bother, put the money on term deposit instead!

si50, Mar 18, 8:03am
measure your house!

needmoretime, Mar 18, 10:59am
Don't use STATE, IAG or any of its affiates! Boy I regret being a customer of theirs and glad to say I'm not anymore. I count myself lucky to be out of their clutches.

willoughbys, Mar 18, 8:30pm
I am currently with state for everything, and when i have needed to make a claim they have been great, just wanting to see if i am missing anything from my policies

-weasel-, Mar 18, 11:27pm
Get the best you can afford. We were insured ok wise for value but with a el budgo insurance for things we never dreamt we would need. Some people are getting movers and packers, storage, cattery ect paid for - we have to cover all of that ourselves and then only get a percentage of our total value to be used for accom. Havnt heard a peep from eqc in over a year and are tc3 so goodness knows when we do have to move out if we are covered for the entire length of time.I suspect not

shazza351, Mar 19, 7:26am

mirand, Mar 19, 9:15am
I've learnt to always insure with FMG. They have been fantastic! $170k of repairs completed, we went over the $10k temporary accommodation allowance that was included with our contents insurance (they have subsequently increased this allowance) so they shifted the balance over $10kfrom our contents claim to our house claim, they paid out on our car while it was still stuck drowned in a basement in the CBD and then refunded us the excess that we'd paid on the claim. They are stuck with us for life!

penelope1980, Mar 21, 9:36am
Have a think about what you WANT from your insurance and look for that ie cheaper premiums, level of cover, present value or replacement value and make sure you understand your policy wordings. Don't rush insurance , that way there are no surprises at claim time. Ie insurance companies offering a customer currently on a specified perils only cover, an offer of an upgrade to contents covered outside of the home and replacement value. Customer declines as is grumpy about higher premiums associated. Yet years later when there is a total loss to claim for customer unhappy they only get present value for their items.Frustrating and unfortunate experience!

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