Medical incident at Northcote Primary School

bandrach, Feb 25, 10:18pm
11 children taken to hospital after possible pill popping.How does that even happen!

bandrach, Feb 25, 10:23pm
Found the container on the side of the road going to school. Aged between 7 and 9

bandrach, Feb 25, 10:25pm
How it was first announced

kim.s, Feb 25, 11:30pm
Some heard it on the radio, but I don't have a radio on in the house.

I saw it on Stuff - big headline at the top- BREAKING NEWS.

rotoiti, Feb 25, 11:57pm
Man, some kids are dumb. I suppose they're the kind that go through rubbish bins looking for food too.

catlover7, Feb 26, 1:45am
what the hell! there is only one reason that kids would look in the rubbish bin looking for food and thats because their parents wont be feeding them , what a stupid comment

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