Linwood Intermediate School

tands09, Mar 4, 8:56pm
There is a community meeting Thurs 12th March at 7pm in Linwood Intermediate Hall.
The school had a tiny bit of liquid faction way out on the field, & hardly any damage to buildings etc.
During the Feb quake there were many of us who huddled together, cried together & figgered out what we were going to do next there.
If they keep the school then it gives those of us with children not yet at the intermediate age a choice.
But it's also a playground for our kids.
My son is 7 & is over at the school almost every day either playing rugby or on his scooter. There is no where else round here that isn't on a main road where he can do that. (My son is special needs & doesn't mix well with most other kids as they tease him etc).
Most of my neighbours have grown up kids now & nearly all of them were exactly the same - played basketball, rugby etc at the school most days after school.
PLEASE help keep this school open.

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