Op Shops

yaqub, Mar 9, 11:56pm
Name some great ones please.I am sick of going to the $2 shop in Ferrymead.

Thank you in advance.

jamesnmatt, Mar 9, 11:57pm
Nurse Maude Hospice shop opening at The Palms between Dick Smith and Paper Plus

steptoe72, Mar 9, 11:58pm
What till you see the prices.Whos paying the rent!.it will be well over $1000 a week .

dilligas, Mar 10, 12:04am
Eco Shop - Blenheim Road

junie2, Mar 10, 12:42am
see similarly named thread near top.

slimgym, Mar 10, 1:04am
vinnes in northlands cant remember the street by briscoes, nearly always haveing 1/2 price sale great stuff

morganville, Mar 10, 1:51am
SPCA in Ferry Road, Donated lots of stuff, still more to go down. And Lo and behold, some turns back up on here. Never mind at least the animals are getting something.

yaqub, Mar 10, 3:50am
Thank you all.Looks like I will be busy tomorrow.

coralsnake, Mar 10, 4:17am
SPCA, 656 Ferry cnr Maranon St at Woolston

Red Cross on cnr Ferry & Mathesons - parking at rear off Mathesons [by AMI Stadium]

Cats Protection League shop at 475 Worcester cnr England St, Linwood

tandj3, Mar 10, 4:18am
Tasman traders, Montreal st

adnil3, Mar 10, 4:24am
Dog Watch in new brighton.Beresfords st, behind storer motors. Awesome prices. Open mon to fri 10am to 3pm.

bab5nutz, Mar 10, 4:27am
Sallies shop opposite Church Corner and a Red Cross shop across the road from the church.Sallies shop on Wycola St near Hornby [closed Mondays]St Vincent De Paul Shop on Stanmore Rd.Another Vinnies opposite Northlands Mall, near the library.Central City Mission on Hereford St; another one in Tuam St.Dogwatch in New Brighton in the Old Crow's Nest.

oldy1001, Mar 10, 4:44am
5 stourbridge st.its small and cheap.cloths all $2 heaps of bricabrac all cheap.books $1 and $2.

toweroflondon, Mar 10, 5:24am
Still Standing on Warrington St :-)

kim.s, Mar 10, 5:29am
Man I wish I had a car. I loved poking round the op shops. You found some unusual things.

lady_c, Mar 10, 6:44am
Northcity church op shop on sawyers arms road is huge

yaqub, Mar 10, 8:24am
Thank you all so much.

kim.s, I do not have a car.Will be bussing everywhere.More fun.

sunnychch, Mar 10, 8:28am
really , wow I can't wait for that, I often go to their store in merivale, do you know when they are opening as have some good clothes I'd like them to go to a good cause

schnauzer11, Mar 10, 8:52am
Savemart-Battersea Street is my favourite.

usualsuspect, Mar 10, 11:03am
Savemart in Hornby Nurse Maudes on Merrin St in Avonhead Red Cross on Ferry Rd Save the Children in Church Corner end of Yaldhurst Rd.Charity Barn in Templeton on the Main Sth Rd just past Trents Rd

ETA Methodist Misson in Kaiapoi and Save the Children in Kaiapoi, Charity Barn in Rangiora

robyn35, Mar 11, 1:33am
open today, didnt go in but it looked quite busy

jamesnmatt, Mar 11, 2:48am
opened today, donations not taken at that branch though - well sign says dont leave them outside

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