An old Telecom ad filmed at a school in Chch.

b190, Mar 11, 8:11am
I was just wondering if anyone on this board might be able to tell me which school it was and if it is still ok. My son flew down to Chch about 6 years ago and filmed an ad in a cute little Chch primary school. By memory it had a big bell that was shown ringing at the beginning of the ad (though for all I know that might have been added later on). it was filmed in a dental nurse's office with him being in the dental chair. A lot of the kids from the school were in the ad in the background.

charlieb2, Mar 11, 8:48am
There is a website who's name escapes me right now, but it has NZ adverts from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back.Ask in parenting as I know people have put links up on there before from said website

b190, Mar 11, 6:44pm
Thanks, I have the ad on VCR but I'm just wondering if anyone on this board knew if the school had survived the EQ and maybe if someone's kids had been in the ad.

jamesnmatt, Mar 11, 7:05pm
Hekia Piranha has probably shut it down.

family007, Mar 11, 11:27pm
Just had a look at this site, couldnt find the advert you wanted but found some god awful gems there!

devine-spark, Mar 12, 1:48am
I like the Spot add.Is that the town hall!

thebuzzyone, Mar 12, 2:24am
If you mean the "Spot Helps Out On Stage" ad I believe that's actually the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington.

pommie777, Mar 12, 2:36am
For some reason Springfield School keeps popping up in my mind. I think my friend's son was there at the time (time frame is right) and I'm sure I remember her mentioning it. Next time I talk to her I'll ask.

b190, Mar 12, 7:57am
That sort of rings a bell for me too. Is the school ok!

pommie777, Mar 12, 8:14am
As far as I know. It's not one that was in the closures/mergers thing. Not sure about EQ damage etc. It was quite close to the location of the Sept quake but I just had a look at the website & it's obviously still operating.

b190, Mar 12, 8:16am
OH that's good:) Thank you !

spead, Mar 12, 9:14pm
you can contact Televison NZ giving details of the time etc. They will have it on their records. Be warned I enquired and was asked to pay $230 approximately for a 1984 8 minute documentary on DVD in which I featured.

freedomaira320, Mar 12, 9:39pm
Better to contact Telecom. TVNZ don't own the ads.

b190, Mar 13, 12:36am
That's ok I HAVE the ad already. I just wanted to know if the school was still ok and whether parents of any of the kids that were there that day, are on here.

guest, May 6, 8:54am
Noreen, thank you for your email. You will find all of the Happenings on Hess Lake on the Event's Tab on the web site. The dates and times for all HLIA events are poestd there.Thanks again.

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