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suie1, Feb 4, 11:43pm
Are we allowed to on here!

lambrat, Feb 5, 2:04am
start a thread with 'anyone used xxxxx !' and see what sort of replies, thats what i did anyway, for someone else.
i haven't had repairs yet . dreading the thought of it :((

suie1, Feb 7, 12:06am
If you want a good job do not use John Cooper Flooring & Delaware Painters,

jowe, Feb 7, 3:14am
Cananyone recommend a reliable contractor for TC 2 earthquake repairs!(must be Fletchers accredited) .We are now allowed to choose and I need advice after a bad experience with one contractor who caused a cancellation of our first repairs.

suie1, Feb 7, 3:16am
Strutco Contracting are fantastic I can get references if you like, they are EQR & Fletchers approved.

lizziep823, Feb 8, 8:14am
Costa Decorators. (Sub contractors under sub contractors Glubb, who are under fletchers)

3amigoes, Feb 8, 6:04pm
BUILDTECH - don't touch with a barge pole

lizziep823, Feb 8, 6:56pm
Moral of the story - find out which company ALL of the workers in your house are from; cos you might think its one company, but then they might have sub-contracted out to another company. In my case I was thinking its Glubb doing the crap job (well their supervision wasn't obviously good enough as they "had no idea" of the poor quality of work being done under them). But turns out is was Costa painters doing the crap job. I honestly thi I their guy got all his unqualifiedmates to help out.

stefanie1, Feb 8, 6:58pm
Whytes do not use. .they repiled our house but used their own builders who used wrong jacks wrong procedure.Broke house further and then tried to hide behind Fletchers.

suie1, Feb 8, 7:08pm
ETA My sisters cork tile floor looks a lot worse than it did with earthquake damage after it has supposedly been fixed -( they took up all the old tiles & relaid).
She has since found out that the business has been bankrupt 3 times!

suie1, Feb 8, 7:08pm
Thanks for this. Unless the law has changed the main contractor still has to take responsibility for all workmanship.

sport_billy, Feb 8, 7:10pm
Jeff Dermott Ltd were very good for us. Friendly and professional and did an excellent job. The guys we had (builders & painters) were all their own employees, Fletcher accredited and we'd recommend - we actually signed them up to do some non-equake work on our property.

suie1, Feb 8, 7:12pm
Strutco Contracting are great, they are Fletchers & Arrow accredited can do opt outs too. I have not heard of 1 unhappy client.

gradji, Feb 9, 3:39am
Grounds & Services Ltd have been tops.

premierv8, Feb 9, 4:07am
What about a thread naming bad home owners that doesn't what thegood tradesman do they are never happy,(because they are out there too)

jellybean010, Feb 9, 4:27am
Dave Waller from DJ Waller Ltd did an absolutely fabulous job on new house floor. Would highly recommend him and his team anytime. 100%

rusty612, Feb 9, 4:29am
Puts glass down. Have another go

subs1, Feb 9, 5:53am
Property Maximisers are shocking at painting, paint on the carpet, paint on the windows, paint on door handles, paint on toilet roll holder, paint on the kitchen bench, paint NOT on the door that's supposed to be painted. Spilled my cats food bowl and never bothered to clean it up. Our landlord is not a happy chappy.

suie1, Feb 12, 4:37am
Any others!

mat79, Feb 12, 4:48am
oh poor you,been getting afew to many complaints hav we

fimeister, Feb 12, 6:07am
Sheesus. That's real bad.

mercedes53, Feb 12, 8:32am
Premierv8. You are right, There are some really bad owners out there that can ruin your reputation because you refuse to do extras for them.Have come across 2 in last week. Complain about everthing and Fletchers wont back you even tho its not on SOW. Goes both ways.

jessebird, Feb 12, 9:12am
Is it true you can choose your own builder.

nanske, Feb 12, 9:58am
I Disagree. Those so called ???extra??

anenglishrose, Feb 12, 10:41am
I name and shame TONY KING concreter, Paid cash up front he never finished the job!

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