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tands09, Jan 29, 6:09pm
Does any one know what temp it has to be for schools to close!
I thought it was 39 degrees but a friend said 31!
Being in a room full of young kids with no air conditioning with 33 degrees outside must be dangerous!
I tried to google but cant find any thing

coffeeyum, Jan 29, 6:13pm
not sure about school, but i remember when i was working in chch in the old Chch Press building that it once reached 40 and we all had to go home.hope this helps.

dezzie, Jan 29, 6:17pm
It probably happens so rarely that theres not a rule for it.not that many homes have A/C either, so if they go home, its still going to be just as hot, why would it be dangerous!

tands09, Jan 29, 6:25pm
I mean mood wise - I know how grumpy my son gets when its really hot & he cant cool down.
But also because they are in a stuffy room.
I'm going on my own feelings a bit I guess - the thought of being in a room full of people, with tiny windows & no air conditioning, unable to escape the heat. Well it scares the bejezus out of me lol

coffeeyum, Jan 29, 6:26pm

i found this, don't know if it counts in schools either!

emmaj26, Jan 29, 6:41pm
I'm a teacher and don't know of such a rule for high temps. We have been known to take the kids out and sit under the shade to read to them etc because the classrooms are too stifling for them.

oli3, Jan 29, 6:43pm
There is no temp, its a myth.

supersapper, Jan 29, 6:45pm
With the introduction of heat pumps to many NZ classrooms in the last few years there is air conditioning.Many classrooms both old and new have lovely big doors that can be opened and some lucky schools still have their swimming pools.

harrislucinda, Jan 29, 7:02pm
yesirememberwhen workingin townitreachedacertain tempWewereallowedabreakandthebossbroughtin aniceblock

si50, Jan 29, 7:18pm
It would be up to the Principal and Board of Trustees to make the call. Many schools have at least some air conditioned rooms these days.

bigbadfun, Jan 29, 7:32pm
I don't care if it's 50 degrees tomorrow. they're going back!WOOOOOHOOOOOOO

sheeprus, Jan 29, 7:58pm
LIKE :-)

pommie777, Jan 29, 8:07pm
That's what I do. We've got a shaded playground area between my classroom and the next and even on the hottest day there is a breeze in there.

sheeprus, Jan 29, 8:11pm
HARDEN UP - Why does everyone nowadays want to try and slack off for any reason!. What is dangerous about it!

kim.s, Jan 29, 10:05pm
Though our school is not back till Monday, I still feel for the ones that are back now. It is meant to be a scorcher today.

Our School is one of the lucky ones to have a pool. Got cracked in the quake, but the BOT made sure it was up & running again by Nov 2011.

I know a lot of school, either lost their pools or the upkeep was OTT.

porkypig6, Jan 30, 1:13am
Yup I have always been told if it got to 35 degrees outside then its prob hotter inside and thats when the school closed and that would be a high school. Was teaching a while and although no written rules thats what has happened over the years. Works in reverse ie no heaters/heating then no school or bad snow etc.

julie28, Jan 30, 2:57am
Like x2

matthew111, Jan 30, 3:30am
we still had school in February of 1973 at 41 degrees. toughen up.

neoseth, Jan 30, 3:43am
I am not sure if it has already been mentioned, however, there are resources in relation to this topic available on the OSH website (Occupational Safety and Health).

Hope that helps.

bookshelves, Jan 30, 3:46am
My kids both walked to school and had school all day in Feb 2011 when it got to 41.3 here in Timaru .they are still alive ;)

angeb2, Jan 30, 4:00am
If it got past 39degrees i will be taking my kids home to cool down

golfaholic2, Jan 30, 4:34am
I clearly recall NOT being at school that day

brightlights60, Jan 30, 6:08am
I agree. Nice little batch of darlings we are raising nowadays. Makes me wonder how on earth I survived my school days of the 60's! We are the same about snow, we have a Canadian staying with us, think temps of 40 below. We get a dumping of snow here in Christchurch and everything is closed and in chaos. She is thinking, what's going on!

angeb2, Jan 30, 6:28am
How much learning gets done in a class at 40degrees! I don't think chch children need to 'harden' up any more

crash01, Jan 30, 6:43am
when it snows it not because its cold it because we are not geared up for the road and cars dontall carry chainsand a lot dont have the clothing to be out in the snow now heat is another story

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