Free range eggs in Christchurch?

My mum sells proper free range eggs, her chooks are spoilt rotten and they get loads of attention, when we go in with them they squat down and all want a pat. They are well fed with loads of greens etc and have plenty of room and yes they can have a good scratch and like having their dirt baths.She has a super special on her eggs at the moment which are on TM.One lady told her they are the best eggs she's ever had!I no longer have to look for proper free range eggs :-)

shazbut, Jan 30, 1:54 am

rolleston people; I geteggs delivered to my door once a week from a farmer out Dunsandel way;farm fresh $5 doz

issymae, Jan 30, 8:43 am

I would be happy to pay $4.50 for good fresh free range eggs. Maybe someone nearby to you was cheaper!

theoldknitwit, Jan 30, 8:49 am

Hi all i sell my free range eggs for $5.00 doz large eggs, lovely yellow yolks. My hens have a huge paddock to free range in they get the yummyest food and get spoilt. If you want to buy my free range eggs im at 100 grays rd. My girls are in the paddock by the drive way so you can see them scratching up the paddock

skana5, Jan 30, 9:25 am

my mum is selling them at the moment for $6.50 a tray ( 2 and a half dozen eggs) they are large eggs too and a real bargain, but when some of her chooks start going off the lay they will be about $5 dozen. She is in Hei Hei ( she can't deliver but is on a bus route) and has a listing up at the moment, as soon as she has excess she will put on TM.These are super fresh. Look under sweetiesmum and keep her on your watchlist if anyone is interested. The money goes towards more food for her darlings,.

shazbut, Jan 30, 10:49 am

The best free range eggs in my opinion are Henergy- they are SPCA approved and really lovely dark yolks. I now have my own chooks - so don't need to bother with trying to decide which to buy!

chris313, Jan 30, 10:57 am

mums latest tray has sold but keep her as a favourite seller as she will have more in the next few days when the chooks have filled another tray, thats what you call fresh :-) thankyou for supporting proper free range eggs

shazbut, Jan 30, 11:50 am

THE BEST EVER EGGS.weedond eggs on main sth rd on right side heading south, i get 1 dozen free range eggs every week there. $6 a dozen is cheap, i get large sizes for that, before xmas 1 doz had 3 double yolkers.My creme brulee is to die for, so im told by someone who thought st germaines were the best.I believe it is the bright orangey eggs.

yum yum eggs and soldiers tomorrow night

iman007, Jan 30, 9:07 pm

Hi All, I now have another tray of eggs available for $6.50 a tray, if interested please check my listing

sweetiesmum, Feb 2, 7:34 pm

Far out that IS disgusting Gladys. ty vvm for this thread. I have been buying woodland for at least a year. But I will turn to frenz, and ask peter timms where they get theirs that the sell in edgeware as they weren't too overpriced.

and hell yes sevenge i would defo buy eggs at 4.50 a doz, except now i will have WAY more questions as to exactly where my eggs are laid lol.

gkgirl, Feb 2, 7:43 pm

Hiya, do you have a pic of where your chickens live!)

gkgirl, Feb 2, 7:44 pm

Stink, and in the local auctions on here I couldn't get a straight answer/pic either.

If anyone finds a true FR place at the north side of town please let me know.

gkgirl, Feb 6, 10:08 am

Well we won't be buying woodlands anymore, I txt my daughter as well and nor will they.
Bottom line for us is if the animal/s involved in our shopping trolley were not treated humanely we will not buy it. Yes it pains me sometimes-especially bacon.I really love ma bacon! But having seen conditions stock are kept in-we just stopped buying it. Free-farmed, or go without.

kiri79, Feb 7, 9:12 pm

I got my own chooks! They are lovely and give us eggs daily. They are fabulous pets and love their treats including watermelon and ham fat! They adore dust baths and they come running when we go into the garden. They are so full of character and the kids love checking for eggs. We eat more eggs now- and they are so fresh and tasty! And I know they are well cared for, eat a varied diet, and are very happy chooks! Highly recommend it!

gaspodetwd, Feb 7, 9:19 pm

I couldn't afford the vet bills that may be necessary at some time, as with all pets.

bob955, Feb 7, 10:08 pm

Can anyone recommend where I can buy genuine free range eggs in Christchurch. As I have just read an article on the brand of eggs I have been buying for years and it turns out they aren't free range at all. I am very disappointed! Suggestions please

gladys43, Jun 9, 3:39 pm

Quite a few merchants at the Rotary Market on Sunday's at Riccarton Race Course have free range eggs. We use Annies Eggs, always excellent.

ryanm2, Jun 9, 3:57 pm

which eggs have you been buying!

lisa_c, Jun 9, 4:03 pm

I think some one in Stapletons rd sells them,theres always a sign on shirley rd.

kletis1, Jun 9, 4:27 pm

The article I read relates to Woodland Free Range eggs

gladys43, Jun 9, 4:30 pm

most of the farmers markets have free range soon so will i!

smoff79, Jun 9, 4:30 pm

so woodland are not free ranhe it says on the box free range!

smoff79, Jun 9, 4:31 pm

I know that's what it says, but read this article

gladys43, Jun 9, 4:35 pm

Can also get them at Liberty Market cnr of Moorhouse and Fitz Aves

compton03, Jun 9, 4:44 pm

Lyttelton Market Sat 9.30am Oxford St from Annie.

deanna14, Jun 9, 4:50 pm

Best place for the BEST free range eggs is Opawa Market on a Sunday morning - 8.30 till noon.

sheeprus, Jun 9, 4:52 pm

Thanks for this post, I had no idea the eggs I always buy were not what I assumed.

geoone, Jun 9, 4:56 pm

Oh my goodness what a rort. Even more disgusting 'cos a whole lot of people who feel ripped off will put 'free range' in the too hard basket and switch back to battery.

bella95, Jun 9, 5:05 pm

OMG.thats hideous.I've been buying them for years.never again.!What a devious, shameful business.I hope this thread gets alot of coverage.

moodybleu, Jun 9, 6:05 pm

Thank you! I have been buying a few organic. I may just continue. Though I do like Annie's when I get them at the market.

gaspodetwd, Jun 9, 6:39 pm

Eeew. That's foul. (pardon the pun)

pollypoo, Jun 9, 6:40 pm

whats the address please! its amazing how the companies lie to us about the food we buy Im off that brand forever !

u25, Jun 9, 6:51 pm

DISCUSTING ALRIGHT!I've been buying those eggs for ages as well.How darned disappointing to say the least.Hope they do something on TV about this to bring it to more Consumers attention.These idiots should be had up about it.

dan331, Jun 9, 6:52 pm

Thanks for thecheadsup, one less woodlands egg customer.

hdmovies, Jun 9, 7:12 pm

You never buy free range eggs in shops always buy from the markets or private people. Better still if you can have a couple chooks yourself.

mopar9, Jun 9, 7:20 pm

WOW I buy those. never will again

100peaks, Jun 9, 7:23 pm

thats terrible have bought them a few times when my private supplier runs out. Never again. There is a place on Prestons road that sells them too.

traceysch, Jun 9, 7:24 pm

Can anyone reccomend any private ones you see out of town like Marshlands road, I like buying them from the gate, as I never seem to get to the farmers markets, and I always forget where I have seen free range signs.I also have bought Woodlands in the past, but not that often as theynever have nice coloured yolks like local free range eggs.

redwallet, Jun 9, 7:28 pm

There is one just near marshlands road on prestons road, advertised on side of road im lucky my husband works with a lady that supplies them to him

traceysch, Jun 9, 7:33 pm

why would you believe one article from some random blog!
have you been to see the farm, have you done your own research!
it's almost as if you all are wishing the blog is true so you can have something to hate.
do you all jump on any bandwagon that comes rolling past!
i'm glad that eggs are the only thing in your life you have to worry about

jamjars05, Jun 9, 7:33 pm

Right, well Woodland have just lost another customer. FRENZ it is.

2bit, Jun 9, 7:40 pm

You are totally entitled to your opinion however its not necessary to make personal comments as to other peoples worrys.thats irrevelant.

moodybleu, Jun 9, 7:41 pm

Mad Acre on Prestons Road and another place just along from there as well sell free range eggs.

crazynana, Jun 9, 7:50 pm

how do you equate 'peoples worrys' to a post proclaiming that a random web page they read is 100% factual and is the last word on the validity of an eggs free range status.
Why would you believe a blog anymore than the website of the producer!
on balance what is more likely to be closer to the truth, the information of a large commercial independently audited company, or a random blog!
If people are so concerned where there eggs come from then maybe they should look after their own hens in they way they believe it should be done.

jamjars05, Jun 9, 7:57 pm

They choose to believe what they hear from organisations that peddle in fear.By peddling in fear these organisations can attract money because they little else thats tangible to sell.

porka1, Jun 9, 8:18 pm

86St Martins Road - notice at the gate. $6 per dozen I think.

jaybee116, Jun 9, 8:21 pm

Is there any free range out Rolleston way! Preferably organic too

mandas, Jun 9, 8:24 pm

If you have nothing constructive to help OP find & purchase Free Range Eggs I suggest you keep you'r unjustified comments to yourself. !

sheeprus, Jun 9, 8:24 pm

Right by the river before Hanson Park near Rudolph Steiner.Signs out along Opawa and St Martins Road, then just follow the crowd.

littlepanda1, Jun 9, 8:32 pm

ok, if i get a supermarket free range egg what brand do i buy! I spend twice as much to buy free range - i want them to be free range! Are Pams no good either!

jane310567, Jun 9, 8:42 pm

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