Where to dump hardfill for free or cheap as

spunkeymonkey, Dec 13, 6:05am
is there anyone here in chch who knows of any places that you can dump hard fill in chch for free or very cheap please and if so you don't happen to have the number. Oh and also does shingle, sand, and plant material count as hard fill. TIA

rollydog1, Dec 13, 6:38am
dump in old section at night time

jamjars05, Dec 13, 6:42am
give dig work a call
$25 for a 6x4 trailer. shingle and sand will but plant isn't

golfaholic2, Dec 13, 6:55am
Lyttelton Port Company are still after fill , not sure who to contact , maybe ring a few demo companies are ask if they know .
Other than that , Fulton Hogan have a yard down pound rd that takes fill , $30 a trailer load from memory .may be more now

steptoe72, Dec 13, 7:14am
I'll take the shinge, but dont want sand or green waste

fineo, Dec 13, 7:49am
Oh and also does shingle, sand, and plant material count as hard fill. TIA

Sorry but No.Most places will NOT take green waste or excessive amount of sand.
Lyttelton will only take clean concrete.If it has to much fine with it gets sent away.And as far as I know only commercial quantities.

griev, Dec 13, 8:31am
me! me! I have room for some more hard fill, sand, rubble its all good, no to green waste as in plant matter tho, you will need a 4wd to tow a trailer up our drive as it is metal and on a gradient!

bigbadfun, Dec 13, 8:36am
My neighbours a real prick.I'll PAY you $20 a trailer load to dump it in his driveway at night!

steptoe72, Dec 13, 9:56am
LOL in the old days you could ring state coal and they would deliver and post you the bill. people get home to find 3 ton of coal in driveway.

mommabean, Dec 14, 3:16am
what about dirt where can you get rid of that we just about to put in some retaining walls gonna have to find somewhere to put the soil

pepper-nala, Dec 15, 7:56am
We have some concrete from a path someone can have if want, havn't got car strong enouth to pull it to take it to dump. any one want can have.

batty211, Dec 15, 8:08am
You could list a load of soil on freecycle.Soil seems to go pretty fast.The bonus is someone comes and picks it up!Just google freecycle Christchurch and join up.Actually you could probably try it for hardfill too.

guest, Jan 11, 3:39am
Hi I have an empty section that you can dump your soil . email me aroha.fitzell@gmail.com

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