OT - Recommend a driving instructor?

groovyroseanne, Dec 11, 3:33am
I use these guys. the guy is great. $55 an hour. Have manual and auto options and he has his own little break incase you nearly run over something haha

jules555, Dec 11, 4:22am
Brillant teacher I got my licence at 40

andrew697, Dec 11, 6:01am
Recommend Alasdair from Waimack Driving School.Competent driving instructor and student passed Restricted Licence following their lessons with him.

dolphinlu, Dec 11, 6:50am
Roy Wallis contact number033858623.He is an ex testing Officer and is so patent with my 18 year old son learning to drive.Son has had learners for 3 years now. $50 a lessoncheapest that I found.But worth every cent

nickyd, Dec 11, 6:56am
I see this original message is over a year old- not quite sure why it has been re-opened now.

zakk_wylde, Dec 12, 5:39am
Hi - after years of coaxing, my partner has finally agreed to start learning how to drive.

Can anybody please recommend a good driving instructor or driving school! Also does anybody know what a lesson costs these days!

Sorry this isn't EQ related at all, but just thought it'd be better to get a local opinion.

Thank you!

roodlez, Dec 12, 6:10am
I have recently started taking lessons at 26 - got my learner's 8 years ago, and have sat on it since, I wasn't exactly scared of starting but knew it's not something that would come naturally at all so was always a bit nervous at the thought of it.
Anyway, Anita Corrigan at Corrigan Driving School was recommended to me, by two friends who were similar late starters. I've had two lessons so far and have found her to be a very good teacher and quite understanding. She does push me, but nothing beyond what I'm ready for.

388 8866 is the contact number I think. $60 per lesson. All the best to your partner - once they've got the first lesson over and done with it'll be a lot easier from there :)

jules555, Dec 12, 6:33am
+1 absolutely brillant teacher

zakk_wylde, Dec 12, 7:46am
Wow thanks guys!

nickyd, Dec 12, 7:53am
My daughter and many, many of her friends have been taught by Jeff at AA - they think he's great!Price is similar to above

katriana, Dec 12, 7:59am
Terry Ford if he is still teachign. is AWESOME. He's taught all my kids and they vary from know it all boys to extremely nervous girls. He is fantastic

cassina1, Dec 12, 9:56am
Pick a school where you have the chance to drive both auto and manual. I found a manual impossible to start off in but after about 4 lessons in an auto
the transition was much easier and I ended up buying a manual although in bumper to bumper traffic you cant beat an auto.

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