Dog Boarding . Kennels ?

kiwicarol, Dec 2, 11:23pm
Rather last minute, but due to unforseen circumstances, I am looking for a nice place or a nice someone to mind my dog 22 to 28/29 December. or for at least some of those days.
No doubt most places have been long booked out but any suggestions would be most appreciated.
My dog is 6 years old a papillon/ bichon cross. Not so keen on other dogs due to being attacked by other dogs in the pastHas grown up with a cat but may or may not be fussed to have any other cat around.

Loves playing fetch, going for a daily walk and dognapping the day way.Crate trained .

lankylass, Dec 2, 11:31pm
Have you tried any kennels!Also it might help if you put a picture up of doggie and say how much you are prepared to pay somebody for looking after him, with you providing all food of course.

kiwicarol, Dec 2, 11:34pm
yes have left messages with some kennels, awaiting replies. Will pop up a pic. Would naturally provide all food. as for payment negotiable. Tthis isa last resort. He has never been away form me more than a couple of nights in his six years so I am probably more worried about it than he would be.

charlieb2, Dec 2, 11:37pm
awww he's lovely.I'd have him here with me, but dont think he'd like my boy.

kiwicarol, Dec 2, 11:43pm
thanks Charlie. he is lovely. well most of the time lol. he is a bit funny around other dogs since his bad past experiences. He just loves people though.

melcraig, Dec 2, 11:44pm
He's so cute. I'd never want to give him back!

lankylass, Dec 3, 3:24am
I did think seriously about helping you out, as he looks such a lovely little dog.The only problem is that I will be attending family functions over the Christmas period and at both houses there are not only cats (although I'm sure they would keep out of a doggy's way) but there will be at least 4 young children ofaged between 3& 6, as well as teenagersand he might find them too boisterous as the little ones have a lot of life in them.But I might speak with my family & see what they feel.Meantime, I do hope there is somebody else in this thread who can help you out or that you get a good response from the Kennels.So lets keep the thread bumped meantime.

kiwicarol, Dec 3, 3:40am
thanks lankylass, much appreciated. I do have a couple of avenues to followup on so will cross fingers they pan out.

patti7, Dec 3, 3:46am
He is lovely! Have you tried Aaron Park, Ellesmere Rd, 3228220. He was a police dog handler and she is a nurse. We found them very good with our little one.

kacy5, Dec 3, 10:49am
Does he crate!Would be easier if he was used to one.

pooks3, Dec 4, 2:57am
Oh how cute, if you get super stuck, we have 2 little maltese, sidney silky dogs, they are 2 and im sure they would enjoy someone else to play with, i do have children though, they all know the "rules" around dogs so wouldn't be manhandled, we have a fully fenced section and the dogs come and go with a dog door to the house, they are spoilt rotten, i had my dogs booked into a kennell in January but changed my mind, i just couldn't do it, I know having a stranger is not going to make you feel very comfy, but if you get stuck the offer is open, we could meet at a dog park and see if the dogs like each other.

kiwicarol, Dec 4, 3:58am
thanks so muchfor all the lovely responses. Just been to visit a potential solution and to see how my dog got on with theirs. All went pretty well. Will get them out for a walk together and some more meetings / playtimes but all looking very positive.

pooks3, Dec 4, 4:00am
Thats great news, nothing worse than worrying about your baby while you are away, good luck im sure your pooch will have a blast

lankylass, Dec 4, 6:00am
I'm so pleased to hear that your doggie may also be having a holiday with another little doggie friend while you are away.He looks a delightful little fella.his picture almost persuaded me that I needed to get another dog myself.ha ha ha.but I said almost!

charlieb2, Dec 4, 7:24am
Pleased to hear of a potential solution carol

pamela8, Dec 5, 12:10am
We never put our spoilt golden retriever into kennels. I order a house/dog sitter from used four different people and never a problem with any of them

smoff79, Dec 5, 12:18am
if you take him t a homesitting place ensure theirs and your dogs are fully vacitnaed (sp)last thing you need a kennel cough

kiwicarol, Dec 5, 12:35am
all good on that front :) but tis a very valid point to raise.

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