Work in exchange for building supplies

nern1, Dec 2, 6:11am
I am a solo mother of three children. I live in a rental and have no insurance and my landlord told me recently that I need to move out soon for eq repairs. I am not in position to pay for a motel and my rent is quite low compared to the current rental market. I have an old housetruck though but it isn't liveable at the moment. I am struggling to find work that suits around school hours and really need to find money to fix the truck so we have somewhere to live. This is why I am asking if anyone has treated plywood, t&g a pot belly would they be keen to swap for housework, babysitting, or cooking! Any help would mean so much to us and am happy to work for it> Just thought I would put it out there as you never know what the universe will bring :) Love and light people

ballin2014, Dec 2, 6:34am
do you know when your date to move is! . as-in before or after the end of december

nern1, Dec 2, 2:15pm
He is thinking round the start of 2013

golfaholic2, Dec 2, 5:56pm
Cover sheets are around $10 each, try a few merchants - hamptons even .

murrayt, Dec 2, 8:22pm
Have you thought of joining a green dollar scheme!The Chch one is Pegasus Exchange -

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