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sandrar, Dec 3, 2:06am
Just wanted to let you all know. Mrs Huffington is doing well.She is enjoying life playing, purring and smooching.Loves eating and laying in the sun.

Her babies area all 1 yr old and am trying to catch up with how they all are.

I think she is glad that was her last litter. She was a fantastic mother but her time is her own now.

Wishing you all a Merry and Safe Christmas. Please don't forget your pets during the festive season.

Love from, Mr and Mrs Huffington.

lambrat, Dec 3, 2:44am
crikey, that was a year ago.
best wishes to youand thanks for the update sandrar :))

mcd_nj, Dec 3, 7:04am
A year, really! A YEAR!!!!Lovely that Mrs Huffington is well, hope her staff are doing good too.I remember checking this thread at Wellington airport after a job interview waiting for her to pop.Seems like a long time ago yet not.Best wishes to the Huffington household.

bucca11, Dec 3, 10:33am
Wow! A year already! This was one of my favourite threads since the earthquake, and it instantly brought a smile to my dial when I saw it back up here tonight :) Thanks for the update sandrar, hope you and your family have a great christmas :)

rosalind2, Dec 5, 10:43pm
must be just about ready for new homes

jules340, Dec 5, 11:01pm
Sooo cute.You are a wonderful person Sandrar.

Good karma for you

lyttelton2, Dec 6, 9:34am
Hope your move went well Sandrar - must be getting close to time for the babies to 'fly' the nest!

whiskey13, Dec 6, 11:57am
Man how time flies, it just seems like yesterday we were waiting for them to be born, now they're old enough to leave home.

bucca11, Dec 7, 2:32am
Hi Sandrar, would love to see some more photos before our babies fly the nest, so to speak, lol :)

sandrar, Dec 14, 12:26am
Today the last kitty went to his new home.

We moved whole family with us so the Mrs Huffington didn't think they had been left behind.

Poppy lilly Huffington is in Ferrymead with a wonderful family, being spoiled to bits.

Dave (Jane Huffington) Is playing happily with her new owner Miss 8 and helping her over come the separation of her parents.

Harriet (Molly Huffington) is helping a family over come the loss of their aged cat that was sadly run over.

Buffy (Milly Huffington) is with her wonderful new owner a single mature woman.

Master Opal Huffington was united this morning with his new family. he will enjoy hunting on their 9 acres of land in the country.

Mrs Huffington was desexed when her kittens were 5 weeks old and can now enjoy her time to herself.

Mr Huffington can again lay on the couch with out being attacked by kittens.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful support!

I didn't mind taking on an extra cat under the shaky circumstances but it would have been a lot easier if Amelia had been desexed.

Please desex your cats.

Merry Christmas to you all!

craftylady1, Dec 14, 12:34am
Well.Merry Chrstmas to all the Huffingdon family.I have enjoyed being a part of their journey, and this threadhas made me smile
And a very Merry Christmas to grandma Sandra.and thankyou for sharing you lovely cat family with us all here.

Im sure it has all made us smile.

lyttelton2, Dec 14, 8:42am
Thankyou for he update - I hope you enjoy a somewhat less hectic Christmas without all those little paws underfoot. (Awards this thread, 'Best Thread of 2011 award'.)

bucca11, Dec 14, 8:50am
I second that award! Thanks Sandrar for sharing your story with us :)

whiskey13, Dec 14, 11:31am
I'm too late to second the award so i suppose i can third it lol

Thank you so much for keeping us informed and up dated, the photos have been my fav. bit of the thread and the bit I'm gonna miss the most :(

lambrat, Dec 14, 8:31pm
lovely endings to the story, thanks for sharing :))

sandrar, Dec 14, 8:40pm
Kind of miss the lil buggers.I thought Amelia would be calling out to them a lot but she is very settled.I think it is because we havebeen taking one from her every day or two.It was gorgeous watching her interact with her last kitten, teaching him to hunt.Pinning him down, grabbing him by the throat and kicking him in the guts LOL. setting him up to be a real man.

jessica21_nz, Dec 15, 4:58am
gorgouas! U know amelia looks so much like my cat that my birth mum gave away this year in feb! Exatly like her! If it is her, her name was lacey and she was born in nov 2010!

craftylady1, Dec 15, 5:07am
Thats what some human mums should do to their

simba79, Dec 15, 5:54am
Deffinitly .have loved the anticipation of the due date and the gorgeousness of the kittens.much thanks for sharing it all with us

phaedra8, Dec 15, 6:51am
Beautiful, happy thread.thank you so much, I have enjoyed reading all the catch-ups and am pleased all your fur babies have gone to good homes.all the best for Christmas and the New each and everyone of you.:-)

glenleigh, Dec 15, 7:31am
Lovely thread, enjoyed reading from start to finish and your lovely photos.So glad all have homes, what a wonderful caring family you are to take on this pregnant mum and then to look after her and her babies so lovingly.You have made my day, thank you so much for sharing it with us.
I too think this is the thread of the year, sure wipes away all the doom and gloom on some of the threads.

sandrar, Dec 15, 10:09am
Thanks for that Jessica. When I took Amelia to the vet they looked at her teeth to try and find an age, they put her at around 2 years old and that was a few months ago now.The vet was also sure that this was not Amelia's first litter of kittens.Funny enough there was another cat that looked exactly like Amelia that was found in the same area in Avonside.I wondered if they were sisters.But we will never know.

We were going to keep one of the kittens BUT our commitment was to Amelia, although the kittens are super cute. the plan was always to make sure she was safe and cared for.Amelia was an amazing mother but now she can spend her days laying in the sun.

If by some chance she is the cat your mother gave away, I can assure you that she will be well cared for in a true forever home.

Merry Christmas

retroqueen1, Dec 15, 10:21am
You should write a book about this experience, it's part of the story of the EQs that should be kept for history, one of the many important stories of survival and love after a disaster. It should be celebrated for eternity.

jessica21_nz, Dec 16, 6:48am
Thanks Sandrar, if it is her she came from my brother's cat who had a litter of kittens, she was growing up with her brother flash, I have since given him to new home. She was the most unual in the littler and by far the most beautiful.If I had her kitten pic u wouldve loved them. Take care merry christmas!

mcd_nj, Oct 5, 11:48pm
Awwww, she's beautiful, and ready to burst.I say 4.

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