Bromley Primary School

haysim, Nov 28, 6:03am
Hmm I just watched on close up and about the changes being made at Bromley primary school so thought I would see if anyone else has any thoughts on this school. My daughter is due to go to school in the new year and I would rather her go to school somewhere close to home but from what I had heard about the school it didn't seem like it would be a good option but now I am reconsidering.
Does anyone have any positives or negatives about the school they could share. I am finding this business of choosing a school for my daughter very hard :)

Here is the link for anyone that missed it last night

bucca11, Nov 28, 6:27am
I know Bromley is not considered a 'desirable' area, however I have lived here for 10 years and love it! But I have only heard good things about this school :) I wish they had that style of teaching 15 years ago for my son as he hated going from kindy to school, and that would have been an easier transition for him, and who knows, it may have helped him like school better than what he did. If I had little kids now, I would definitely consider Bromley school :)

haysim, Nov 28, 6:29am
Thanks. We live in the area also and really like it. It is good to hear positives on the school and area. I grew up in the area also when I was a little girl and we never had any problemseither. I think I just listen too much to what other people say instead of finding out facts for myself :)

hutt, Nov 28, 6:43am
The clip shows innovative and enthusiastic staff and parents engaged with children in their learning. Looks great! Obviously it pays to take into account ERO reports and local knowledge. For me though a big component when making a decision regarding schooling for my kids was the benefits of them attending the local school. It means they feel a greater sense of belonging in their own community and most of their friends live close by. Unless the local school has serious drawbacks in meeting your childrens needs, I would put a lot of weight on the benefits of staying local.

gesmity, Nov 28, 6:47am
my daughter is 19yrs of age and she offen talks about bromley and how she loved it, my nephew and neices attend there now an from what they say its sounding like nothing has changed from 14yrs ago (still a great school)

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