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cloffie, Nov 25, 8:28pm
Have heard from 11th Dec to 19th Dec.
what day for your school!

tillsbury, Nov 25, 8:30pm
Monday 17th, at lunchtime.How worthwhile is that having just a Monday morning as the last day of term!

nats62, Nov 25, 9:01pm
1 child on the 18th, the other on the 19th.

sn0wman, Nov 25, 9:17pm
Lunchtime on the 19th here.

mytime2shop, Nov 25, 9:17pm
Tuesday 18th Dec for New Brighton Catholic

mbos, Nov 25, 9:43pm
Thursday 20th at 1pm for us.

jamesnmatt, Nov 25, 9:44pm
lunchtime on the 11th for Miss 14 - Mr 17 is done as of last week

rusty2337, Nov 25, 10:07pm
Lunchtime on the 14th for us.Our school has had no teacher only days this year.

sheeprus, Nov 25, 10:10pm
One lunchtime the 11th and the other lunchtime on the 14th. Wish they all finished at the same time.

pommie777, Nov 25, 10:12pm
The variation is possibly something to do with if/how long they were closed for snow earlier in the year.!

jamesnmatt, Nov 25, 10:13pm
or the day they started at the beginning - Shirley Boys always seems to go back earlier than other high schools and as such is finishing on the 8th or 9th of December.

cloffie, Nov 26, 12:17am
Thats quite late mbos

taniakaa, Nov 26, 12:18am
My daughter finishes midday 10 Dec.wow wee, and my son finished midday 20 Dec and youngest daughter is Wed 19 Dec.

bandrach, Nov 26, 12:19am
Wed 19th lunchtime for my kids

mbos, Nov 26, 12:19am
I think it is one of the later ones - they get to set their term dates, but they have to fit in a required number of half days, I think is how it goes - jamesnmatt would know!

I must admit, I'm not complaining. . .

wilco65, Nov 26, 12:40am
the private schools do longer days and so have longer holidays - they are all finishing 10/11/12 Dec. All schools in NZ are required to have schooling for a fixed number of hours per year (or it might be calculated on half days)

jamesnmatt, Nov 26, 12:52am
yes, a set number of half days - so those schools who go back before Waitangi Day get a jump on those who wait til after it.

charlieb2, Nov 26, 12:56am
Did I say:"BRING IT ON" yet!

lyttelton2, Nov 26, 12:56am
The private school I work at isn't finishing until Friday the 14th and they start earlier in the day too. DD's (public) school finishes Mon 17th, with Tues being a Teacher Only day. All schools under the ChCh merger/closure umbrella have been instructed to take a Teacher Only day to sort stuff out and it must be taken before the end of this school year, otherwise they would have been finishing on the Tuesday.

ajn255, Nov 26, 2:53am
My son school finishes on the 14th at mid day.

dwebble, Nov 26, 2:57am
18th at noon

dale7344, Nov 26, 3:28am
20th at noon.

girlsrus, Nov 26, 6:44am
i am really confused. not really sure

maewest, Nov 26, 8:15am
Plenty of time for coffees then Mrs Cloffie :)

cloffie, Nov 26, 8:44am
yep and its looking like the pool might be replaced over this time too maewest.
I should have asked when the children return for term one as well as I am in limbo as the insurers bandy dates around
Knowing what I know ,and knowing I have not been listened to I am picking I will have oodles oftime for buckets of coffee!

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