I just rang EQC again to see where our claim

jane310567, Nov 11, 11:56pm
was at. They said it had been apportioned(overcap) and was waiting for insurance details! They said ring Sthn Response to hurry them along. I did this and they said they have access to EQC files and that it hadnt yet been apportioned but that EQC often tell ppl it has and that EQC have all the insurance details already. I am totally bamboozled. Luckily Sthn Response will treat it as an active overcap claim as is obviously so just so we can get a scope of works underway b4 xmas. An hour on the phone.Hopefully a little action soon!

patti7, Nov 12, 12:00am
Frustrating isn't it! Obviously a gap between agencies info! Maybe EQC are waiting for the dept that does insurance details to key in the info. Ring again in a day or so it might be a different story!

mm12345, Nov 12, 12:05am
Here's an EQC/SR "Catch 22" - notes from from a recent meeting held by SR:
EQC Issues
If EQC has scoped your property as over $83,000, let SR know. This is the threshold where the insurer can become involved and reassessments undertaken. This is particularly important for TC3 land, as that can have a significant effect on foundation costs/design.
If SR has a claim lodged by the client and their assessment looks to be above cap, they will???try to drag claims from under to over cap???. SR have been proactive in this area, customers are advised to contact SR and provide as much supporting evidence as possible to compel their involvement. SR estimates around 1,000 claims of this type are being held by EQC.

Problem with this is that EQC don't tell you the scoped cost, so you don't know if it's over $83k, only that it's under $115k (and over $15k or whatever the amount EQC have arbitrarily decided to cash settle these days)

jane310567, Nov 12, 12:11am
luckily(or unluckily - depends on how you look at this!) ours was $239000 for 2 claims so will be overcap whichever way you do the sums!

coops39, Nov 12, 1:00am
so how long does one wait if the insurance has scoped the property and they advise they are waiting on EQC to come up with their costings.Insurance have quoted 106K. property is in parklands

kiwicarol, Nov 12, 1:07am
how long is a piece of string! 2 months ago i finally got an assessment for a minor dwelling on my property ( all ready overcap paid 2010 and a rebuild for main dwelling) but eqc say they are prioristing older claims. Cant get too much older than feb 2011 ( apart from Sept 2010) and they said last week it could take months. ( doesnt help they have assigned the assesment to a wrong claim in my case either.) Orignally I was told it would take 2-3 months then i would have payment. They have full details from my insurer of their costings and repair strategy for this dwelling.

edited to add I am also in Parklands TC3

elfhug99, Nov 12, 1:09am
And make sure you check the that a BUILDING PERMIT is in the SOW. If not and you are redzone then they would have to include the cost of taking the govt to court to get a building permit! This is what pushed us over and finally got settled as a demo/rebuild.

dreamingofbali, Nov 12, 1:05pm
But my insurance company contacted me a year ago to tell me not only that EQC had informed them that my claim was close to over cap, but also that EQC HAS to contact the insurance companieswhen the costed SOWs either reach, or are getting close to, the $80K or $85K mark, even if that amount has been apportioned.

Which makes it even more bizarre that SR would be suggesting to their customers that the only way they (SR) would know that a claim is getting close to over cap is if the CUSTOMER tells them.

Wish my insurance company, which is not SR,would tell ME that they would try to help get MY house dragged over cap and out of EQC's hands!But nah, they just phone me up once a month now and say in a cheerful sing-song'Ha-eeeee, how you doing! Oh! Still stuck in apportionment-and-incompetent--
Limbo Land!Well, we'll just phone you back in a month then, shall we! To see how you're doing then! Ba-eeeee"

golfaholic2, Nov 12, 4:43pm
EQC are a joke .confirmed over cap in writing 16 months ago and not seen a cent .a little interest on the $ would help ease the stress of having to climb thru bracing to get from the lounge to the kitchen .
So glad we paid insurance premiums for all these years , would hate to be stuck left with nothing .oh hang on

patti7, Nov 12, 9:17pm
@ dreamingofbali - I'm impressed though that at least your IC ring you every month. We are with SR and they have never rung off their own bat. Only time I have talked to them (once) is when I rang them. I have left messages since and also several emails to the claims specialist - had one very brief, abrupt email and no other contact.

golfaholic2, Nov 13, 5:01am
SR and EQC are both GOVT owned .they wont help you at the expense of the other , unless your real lucky like

r-mvz, Nov 14, 7:35am
Opt out, that's my advice. take control of your own repairs.

mm12345, Nov 14, 7:55am
Opt out.That way you get to cost up a quote based on EQC SOW, negotiate directly for all the stuff EQC missed as "extras", you also get to check-off whether EQC SOW repair strategy meets DBH EQ repair guidelines (ours did not).In our case it forced acceptance by EQC that their estimate of $71k (under cap) was completely unrealistic (total to fix the place properly almost 3x EQC scope).
But you need to get involved quite deeply (which I've had to do) or have a really good builder who is prepared to put in a lot of work, with no guarantee that they'll get anything back.

Oops - re-read your post, and you're not at the stage where you can opt out.That sucks.

mm12345, Nov 14, 8:02am
Yes and no.SR have an obligation to AMI (AIG now!) and also the reinsurance arrangements are different - the resinsurers are calling the shots, those reinsurers are also the ones who carry the can for natural disaster insurance in the future. So even if you could say that both EQC and SR have "used up" available reserves and reinsurance so it's just the (long suffering <g>) taxpayer, and arguing about $ between the two seems crazy, in reality it's not that simple.

guest, Jun 9, 9:35am
That's a shrewd answer to a tricky quotsien

guest, Jun 12, 4:44am
Tha'ts the best answer of all time! JMHO

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