School zoning

nondescript, Nov 9, 2:20am
Slightly thick question but can someone please tell me what school zone forest drive parklands is for intermediate and high . Tia

jamesnmatt, Nov 9, 2:21am

enter your address, it tells you all the schools

kathy9, Nov 9, 2:33am
closest schools at this age would be intermediate- Shirley or Chisnellwood.
High schools would be Aranui or Mairehau (co-ed).Also know a lot of children in this area also go to Shirley Boys and Avonside but I believe they are out-of-zone enrolments(but I could be wrong).

jamesnmatt, Nov 9, 2:57am
you wouldnt be in zone for Chisnallwood, or AGHS or SBHS.Shirley Int, Aranui High and Mairehau High have no zone so you get automatic entry.

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