What to offer on this house

Christchurch TC 3 blue zoning, Paparoa Street Primary School, Heaton Intermediate, Papanui High School (guess the primary & intermediate bump the price), real estate says minimal cosmetic damage inside & out, garage will be replaced, not sure what to offer, Christchurch market is crazy at the moment - oh and RV 327,000 - thanks (sorry I don't know how to do the link thing) Trademe number527183308

tuisong13, Nov 9, 7:33 am

Hi. I had a look at the trademe number and I like it!

What a house is worth is what someone is prepared to pay for it!

I am aware the real estate here is crazy and I know that people are paying for homes $100,000 over GV!

We live in Avonhead in a town house which is 30 years old. Our unit is attached to one other three bedroomed unit-This three bedroomed property does not get the sun has a GV of $380,000 due to the location. Its in very bad condition and someone paid $369,000 for it even though it needs over $60K worth of work to it.

From the photos this home looks.

1. You have space
2. Garden looks nice
3. its in a cul-de sac. no boy racers etc driving through
4. It looks tidy and modern.
5. St Albans is a NICE area- I wanted to live there myselfbutcan't afford to

My BIG question is DOES IT get the SUN!

If it was me and due to location I would pay under $400, 000 or around there considering market.

Can you compare sales of other properties close by!

steph_s2, Nov 9, 7:46 am

If its YES to the sun .

. Then if you check out the lawn area = it has great entertainment - kiwi BBQ space. so worth something.

also I forgot to mention the colours of the home are nice. = you can just move in and not do anything. Whereas our home is 30 years old and does need some work . but trying to concentrate on mortgage at the moment

steph_s2, Nov 9, 7:48 am

its 1960's, single garage with no space to put a bigger one.reno was done approx 4 years ago .maybe 5. That house sold with 4 way multi offer (25k over vendor expectation at that time)

ps.the photos are pretty crappy.the home's better than the photos look

tantric5, Nov 9, 8:02 am

It looks lovely. Not that far from us really. No idea what you would offer, but I like it.

dwebble, Nov 9, 8:04 am

TC3 rings a bit of an alarm bell for me - engineers report!Valuers report!You can always put an offer in subject to these things.

antonios1, Nov 9, 8:08 am

dont trust a valuer.they often get it so wrong.

tantric5, Nov 9, 8:09 am

That area will generally command a good price

bandrach, Nov 9, 8:10 am

I agree with this in regard to TC3, I've looked at TC2 properties that are in bad shape, are the EQC reports available!

iriegirl, Nov 9, 8:37 am

That house will go higer than $400,000, it is not s great area but ok

Houses in my area not far from that are going in the 600,000s. They are TC3 also

rexonion, Nov 9, 9:38 am

Houses in TC3 are selling very well, the purchasers are happy to take on the claim as they can pick and choose colours etc instead of the work being done prior.Three in my area have just sold in the 600,00s

rexonion, Nov 9, 9:40 am

Looks a bit more than cosmetic damage the way the verandah is propped up.

fait.accompli, Nov 9, 10:16 am

Thanks for all your responses.makes for interesting reading

tuisong13, Nov 9, 10:25 am

Tantric - did you own this home!Does it get much sun!So much going through our mids - agents says vendor looking mid 400's but we don't want to pay too much for it and I think 410 would be enough if not too much, hmmmm

tuisong13, Nov 9, 10:31 am

Were any of the 'bricks' in the exterior dislogded! In one photo of the outside wall several look a bit out of place but that maybe just a pattern!
Many in TC3 got no land damage but are somehow lumped in with the zone that did.

The reverse is true of some in the TC2 zone that did suffer land damage.
The zones are really quite a general guide.

Did you get a copy of any earthquake repairs if there were any!

mme, Nov 9, 10:37 am

House prices have gone utterly crazy in this city .I have heard of several houses going for 90 to 100 thousand above rv recently.some buyers are going to get burnt later on

gordy8252, Nov 9, 10:50 am

looks lovely .i love that era house where they had the wee 'niche' in the hallway for the virgin mary ??

soundsie1, Nov 9, 11:29 am

we are looking at a tc3 property too op, personally we wouldn't go more than 40,000 over rv for any property as we all know what can happen here, its hard because people are willing to pay so much more, several of the houses we have looked at seemed to have been bought to rent out which sucks for us as the rents are more than a mortgage most of the time. Nice place though:)

angeb2, Nov 9, 11:41 am

They wont get their money back if they are red zoned in another big quake. Pay no more than RV and you know you will get your money back.

cassina1, Nov 9, 2:54 pm

the verandah isnt propped up persay. Thats the way it has been built and nothing out of the ordinary.

kiwicarol, Nov 9, 3:09 pm

Even with the bad photos it still looks a nice house.

kacy5, Nov 9, 4:39 pm

Agreed! I know I drove through liquefaction in St Albans. So scary! Damaged houses round there means I would definitely pay no more than GV.

gaspodetwd, Nov 9, 4:59 pm

those windows opening out like that is illegal now

tonada, Nov 9, 6:01 pm

Why is that!Our house of five years has windows opening similar, not exactly but still push out ones.

kacy5, Nov 9, 8:57 pm

illegal when building maybe - hope thats their reason anyhow

tuisong13, Nov 9, 10:04 pm

Parts of Saint Albans got no liquefaction at all. We certainly did not and prices here are very good and rental prices are going through the roof. But a few patches on that grass looked suspicious to me. I'd be a bit wary of that street.

gingercrush, Nov 9, 10:09 pm

Things I would do: check the land damage maps on the EQC website which map the specific damage to every property.

Check its flood zone status on the CCC maps (CCC website) then ring the council and talk to the duty planner and duty engineers about the specific property and its flood zoning and its requiremnets for repairs.

And doing a 2km/5km search on quakelive doesn't hurt either, just so you know what the shakes are like in the area.

And ask your bank what they require in the way of inspections to lend on tc3 -- some require serious spending on reports for tc3 before they consider the mortgage application.

magrador, Nov 9, 10:15 pm



Am I seeing things or is that liquefaction!

gingercrush, Nov 9, 10:18 pm

Yes looks like it

tuisong13, Nov 9, 10:34 pm

Love the potatoes on the draining board lol. Slack arse agent taking crap photos like that. Vendors deserve better service than that ay.

fergus14, Nov 11, 6:26 pm