The first of many U-turns for the school closures?

charlieb2, Nov 7, 1:43am

jamesnmatt, Nov 7, 1:48am
well good of her to catch up with what the rest of us knew - that it was a stupid idea LOL

mbos, Nov 7, 1:51am
One hopes.She certainly is running consistent to previous form.

sals11, Nov 7, 1:55am
she lost me when she entered the room with that whole screaming intimadating maori thing ,,,then belittled everyone

and before you say it,,,,i am maori

mbos, Nov 7, 1:57am
She certainly comes across as something of a harridan.

twogirlsandaboy, Nov 7, 2:18am
Here's blimmen hoping! This stupid 'super school' idea in one of our worst streets is just the dumbest idea ever! And closing one of the country's best intermediates because of it is even more ludicrous.

fssrb1968, Nov 7, 2:39am
Said it before and I'll say it again "Educational Berlin Wall for East Christchurch"

gillian25, Nov 7, 2:50am
Iseem to think, she announced several more school closures than she was really intendingto close. Now she has the ability to pull some outand make her look like the good guy . be very wary of Lady Patricia.

jamesnmatt, Nov 7, 2:52am
which would be accurate if it was just Eastern schools being affected.It's not.

gingercrush, Nov 7, 2:54am
Probably but it was a stuff up as is everything she has done so far as a Minister. Though this sums up the National Party precisely. They cannot seem to manage unpopular decisions and instead have to constantly backdown. Of course some of the decisions have been stupid but other governments have handled making big decisions without getting the public so anti. National was able to do that too when they reversed tax cuts etc in the first budget etc

sals11, Nov 7, 3:02am
Its all about starting bushfires of distraction all over town while they plunderour insurance money and steal our assets
and they roll out a pc worthy maori women to do it ,its a wonder shes not in a wheelchair with a sign language person behind her
of course we will object then we get demonized as whingers again
Its john and bills trade mark move
demonize delay deny

shannie1998, Nov 7, 3:04am
SHAMEon The Press for reporting this as "breaking new News".
This idea of the single sex schools merging was quashed way back in September.
It has been reported on the Avonside Girls site since 13 September and reported on Newstalk ZB at least a month ago

bandrach, Nov 7, 3:05am
So funny, the first thing the prinipal said at my kids school "the minister will back track on the single sex option to make her look like the good guy", "beware what may occur aroundn the corner"!

twogirlsandaboy, Nov 7, 3:08am
I totally agree.

lambrat, Nov 7, 3:51am
yup, its classic political strategy

tich11, Nov 7, 4:36am
Right-wing nutters want to destroy education, better make sure they don't.

phade01, Nov 7, 5:28am
Getting rid of intermediate schools

cloffie, Nov 7, 6:56am
Hiding the MOEDsinsufficient insurance cover by closing perfectly good schools to cover up the shortfall.and selling offthe valuable land they sit onYaldhurst,Burnham,Burnside, Glenmor, to name a few

maandpa2b, Nov 7, 8:20am
yep, totally your backs people.

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