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kellyandannika, Oct 29, 8:32am
my 13 year old daughter suffers anxiety and is constand bullied cose shes quiet shy and wont say any bad words ie the f words etc and has struggling learning, she is doing corrospondance schooling at doing really well, been told HHS is great low tolerence of bulling etc but others say Not so good words, what is your honest view pls she wants to go next year but im very on edge about this when shes doing well with her Corro schooling, and drs etc thinks the same

kenny92, Oct 29, 9:03am
You need to ring the school and make an appointment with the appropriate person to talk about your daughter's needs. Secondary schools start winding down early so you need to make times for 'transition' visits to the school so your daughter can get a feel for the school. Without knowing your daughter it's hard to say but the fact that she wants to attend secondary school next year is a good thing and if it is well managed and goes well it will really help her self esteem and confidence. Hornby High may have a supported learning class she could be part of!Ring the school and good luck!

blue, Oct 29, 8:26pm
I have a daughter who suffers anxiety too (this increased after the quakes) but we are fortunate she does not get bullied.She is off to High School next year.If your daughter wants to go there than that is a good sign.You can always try and if it doesn't work go back to Corrospondance.We went to look at the Hornby High open day and I was very impressed by the teachers.They seemed to be genuinely nice.Opened my eyes a bit as Hornby High does not have a great reputation on this side of town.It is a nice small size for someone that suffers anxiety.The principal seems very nice and approachable.

skana5, Oct 29, 8:33pm
i would recommend hornby high when we first moved here my son went to cashmere high lasted 2 days he was bullied.he had alot of medical issues. there sugestion bubby him up with a senior we heard from a neighbour that hornby high was great so alot of travelling every day as we lived in Barrington. Best thing i ever did we found out there were alot of kids with difficulties he fitted in well and never looked back wonderfull school

shamarick, Oct 30, 7:59am
I think it is great that she wants to go into a school environment. Hornby High is not a large school so I think this would be good for her. I have had 2 children through this school my second is in her last year at present. Their will always b bullies throughout life but I have never had issues with this. This school has a great interaction of the older pupils with the younger ones. Great headmaster always outside the school at the end of the day farewelling students and always a friendly wave to the parents. Good Luck with the decision if it doesn't work out you can always go back to correspondence if you don't try you will always wonder.

aof11w, Nov 5, 3:43am
Try to get her into Riccarton, they have a learning support centre there.The school has wonderful policy and get peer and teacher support.

deb1002, Nov 5, 5:34am

anner2, Nov 5, 9:55am
Riccarton High School isn't called "paradise high" by staff and students alike for nothing! Good luck.

littlepukeko, Nov 5, 11:39pm
Good way to get a feel for a school is to drive past around hometime and start of school and get a look at the kids hanging around and how they are behaving.

blue, Nov 6, 9:34am
Do you mean when you say "paradise high" that the kids and staff like it!Hopefully as my daughter is going there next year.

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