AA - TC3 - has anyone had timeframes

jill5, Oct 27, 5:29am
from them in regards to getting their repairs or rebuilds done!

anner2, Oct 27, 6:01am
Yes we are getting our repairs done mid January 2013 - I can hear you saying "yeah right". We do have it in writing and our Insurance Person thinks it will happen. We are with Lumleys who have been wonderful.IF we do we will be very happy but we are doing a "we shall see when it happens" . good luck with your TC3. We are over the cap and can't get our payment but have our MP on our case now but that is another "we shall see when it happens" too.

jill5, Oct 27, 6:15am
Glad to hear your are getting sorted anner2 - nice to hear! :-) I am really keen to hear from others with AA Insurance in particular to know how things could be going for them.

cary05, Oct 27, 6:56am
We have been advised early to mid 2015 for a rebuild in Philipstown - AA Insurance.
A lot depends on results from drilling - so far have to give a big thumbs up to AA Insurance - they have answered all our queries and kept in touch every few months - always ask if theres anything else we need assistance with.

jill5, Oct 27, 6:45pm
Thanks cary05 - I too have found them to be exceptionally good for communication and answering our queries as much as they can. We have already had site specific Geo Tech done which shows our land is fine - so I am wondering what exactly the hold up is for us. Have sent yet another email querying this so will see what they say tomorrow.

mcwin, Oct 28, 12:34am
Mid 2015 before they will look. TC3 foundation solution required geotechnical work needed. AA say they are waiting on the EQC drilling data but when speaking to EQC they tell me because I am overcap no such drilling will occur. In other words we are forced to wait for data the AA say they are waiting for but in reality will never exist.buy insurance for security and peace of mind.yeh right!

guest, Jun 9, 1:30pm
Dear RMreview your portfolio of 31 and 30 oct;The hoildng of 716 and 1177 you just disposed should be 12000 and 10000 (instead of 10000 and 8000)?am i right?best regardsyour reader

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