Gluten free bakeries in Christchurch

I know of the totally gluten free bakery on blenheim road but that is too far away from me to go there often. I was just wondering if there are any others in Christchurch!

themillers1, Oct 24, 7:17 pm

Did you watch the Sunday programme about GLUTEN FREE food a few weeks ago!

sheeprus, Oct 24, 7:19 pm

Yes why!

themillers1, Oct 24, 7:51 pm

Hi. KB's at Bishopdale do some GF food. What are you after! Northlands Countdown has things like GF pastry etc.

100peaks, Oct 24, 7:55 pm

Yes it was very interesting!

100peaks, Oct 24, 7:55 pm

Most kb's have gluten free products. A family member of the owner is gluten free & he saw a market so expanded his products to meet it. Products are very good by all accounts.

mirand, Oct 24, 7:56 pm

Hmmm - It made quite a mockery of the "GF fad" as they called it.

sheeprus, Oct 24, 8:30 pm

Being Coeliac isn't quite the same as being a fussy eater. You're at a high risk of developing lymphomas if you continue to expose yourself to something you're not equipped to process, as well as all the other symptoms!

2bit, Oct 24, 8:33 pm

It??ôs time for the annual Gluten Free Food and Allergy Show in Christchurch again. It??ôs on the 27 and 28 October at the Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre, Spreydon.

Entry is $10 with discounts for Senior Citizens and children under 10 free.

macmanus, Oct 24, 8:38 pm

The Original bread company.tried one of the products at a sandwich place at CHCH I have ever tasted.Want more but cant see loaf style on their website.

mtbotrev, Oct 24, 8:39 pm

onefield1, Oct 25, 7:22 am

Buy a bag of G/F flour and do your own out alot cheaper!

chookness, Oct 25, 7:27 am

I didn't know about a lymphoma link.cripes!

devine-spark, Oct 25, 7:45 am

The bakels flour in the yellow bag is great sub for normal flour - I use it like for like in my baking.Countdown and New World both have great selections.Go to the New Zealand food Manufacturers Website lists loads of great products.Or to cheat Ernest Adams does a rather nice brownie in their GF range.

brisgirl, Oct 25, 8:15 am

Hiya, if you wish a sandwich on the go and a yummy slice call into the Sydenham bakery on Colombo street. The sandwiches are very moist and filling and not bad for $3.50, if there isn't any on display ask. they also stock slices that are GF, not normally labels so just ask.

bluesurge, Oct 25, 10:59 am

Watched the sunday programme and my 11 year old daughter was highly irked (! is that a word), that the family had milo in their kitchen as it isn't gluten free. She has coeliac disease so has no choice but to be gluten free so seeing milo and talking about being gluten free really annoyed her for some reason (I guess because it was her favourite hot drink).

kirstenp, Oct 25, 12:14 pm

The Funky Pumpkin in Sydenham is selling the Pavilion gluten free range including slices, bread, pizza bases.Isn't there a FP in Brighton too!Or somewhere. anyway, that other branch may also stock Pavilion's range.Binn Inn seem to have a lot of the flours that GF people need, and have a free GF booklet.

I feel for your daughter Kirstenp having to see the Milo and not being able to drink it!I find the smell of wheat bread toasting, unbelievably teasing.

As for the program, anyone who switches wheat/gluten for other grains without the need to, will probably become less healthy.They'll certainly be getting less fibre and other nutrients- crazy.

bob955, Oct 25, 9:16 pm

Avalanche coffee has just brought out a cookies and cream hot choc- that's gluten free.

100peaks, Oct 25, 9:26 pm