OTP Facepainter for school event needed.

bca4, Oct 23, 2:22am
** OTT*** ops haha Need a facepainter in chch east we are holding a community/family evening at avondale primary next wed 31st oct and our facepainter we had lined up as just pulled out and recs out there! with short notice please

wickedtrader, Oct 23, 4:41am
Call or txt Magenta and see if she is busy, she is in oxford and travels in sometimes to do the community youth market she may travel if she is not busy and does a great job :) 0h two seven291 three 291

helsbels2, Oct 23, 5:05am
Give Bunnings a call not sure about it being a weekday. But they have facepainters that go to things like that for free and take all the stuff we have used them for fair and disco before. May be abit short notice but worth a try.

bca4, Oct 23, 5:19am
Thanks for replys guys. was at bunnings on sat there facepainter away for that night :(

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