Survivors raising money

mcd_nj, Oct 20, 9:12pm
I don't understand why these guys have to raise money for assistance after their earthquake injuries, surely this is what people thought they were donating money for and millions was raised. Not golf courses and garages for trams and heritage buildings.

shaman08, Oct 20, 9:19pm
Every little bit counts.

cloffie, Oct 20, 9:40pm
A true reflection on the inadequacey of ACC though isnt it.
These people should not have to fundraisefor their ADLs
The people in the article all pay ACC Levies as employees or self employed.
I do not understand how ACC fund injuries to the drunk and the drugged
ACC is an insurance .NO other insurance company pays out on people or possessions when there is booze or dope involved.

cloffie, Oct 20, 9:42pm
By the wayEQC have employed many of the "released from contract"ACC senior staff.

jcmp21, Oct 21, 12:33am
ACC probably can't afford to pay for much after labour "lost" those $billions off the ACC books

calista, Oct 21, 9:28pm
Which goes a long way to explaining the difficulties with EQC

tara13, Oct 21, 10:03pm
#5Let's not worry about Labour.What are Key and his government doing for these people!Also I agree with the author. That donated money should have gone to the people of this city, not flaming golf courses!

jcmp21, Oct 22, 12:01am
The money used for the golf course was donated by Auckland City council and it was a condition that's what is was used for.

tara13, Oct 22, 12:26am
And all the rest!

jcmp21, Oct 22, 8:19am
I don't know, but the money spent on the golf course was stipulated by the Auckland City council to be spent on the golf course as it was a community resource type thing.

murrayt, Oct 22, 9:00am
Which golf course was this - Hagley!

buyit59, Oct 22, 9:32am
What about the Mayoral fund ! I thought it was raising money for the Christchurch Earthquake victims .These people deserve the help .

bella95, Oct 29, 4:59am
Seems disgraceful. What happened to the money donated to the Red Cross specifically to help earthquake victims!

frances1266, Oct 29, 5:11am
I think an audit needs to be done regarding the money donated.There seems to be no accountbility.

kiwicarol, Oct 29, 5:27am
This has been bought up a few times. A recent item on Campbell live also covered this issue. All funds ( some not yet used) are accounted for.Some people donated to various funds and those who made larger donations did so on the basis they were earmarked for a specific purpose. Apart from the Red Cross funds ( they have been most generous and helped a lot of folk in various ways as have other organisations such as Salvation Army) in the main the money was not used for individuals although some who donated may have thought it was, particularly from the ads asking for donations in the early daysThat was for the PMs EQ fund. How a donation was spent would depend on where it was donated too.

kiwicarol, Oct 29, 5:29am

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