Kiwi Saver Funds, can we access this money?

starbursting, Oct 20, 6:48am
I am running out of funds.No job since Feb 2011.Has anyone managed to get their money back!
I was just on their website, yet I saw no link to withdraw funds.

I had forgotten that I have money with Kiwi Saver.Right now that money would help.

sumstyle, Oct 20, 6:53am
Each KiwiSaver provider has a different application process, so you need to ask them directly what info they require you to provide.I have seen many successful applications under the hardship clause.

starbursting, Oct 20, 7:01am
Thanks sumstyle.I watched the news tonight and heard kiwi saver has given out more money than expected.Mostly due to our situation here in CHCH.Sad but true.
I think kiwi saver is really good, but holy heck, I need my money back.

deerhurst, Oct 20, 7:14am
You can get it out I did after the quake. John Key amended the laws to make it easier for Chch people to do so. Ring your provider and get them to send the paperwork you need to provide some details etc and I got my money back in a week or so.

starbursting, Oct 20, 8:40am
Thanks deerhurst.I will deal with this very soon.

deerhurst, Oct 20, 8:43am
Good luck with it. In about 6 weeks I will be doing it again to withdraw the rest as I have been overseas for a year then.

nzkea1, Oct 20, 8:51am
Yes you can certainly access it but you do not get what the government paid in. Providing you provide all the correct information is it is paid out so quickly - not like payments from EQC waiting ! waiting! waiting!

lam5, Oct 20, 9:36am
deerhurst.I am currently doing the same. I sent 13 documents proving identity and residence in Oz, all original or verified by a JP.not enough!
Hopefully an additional lot of docs will satisfy them before the application period runs out, or I will need to start from scratch and re-apply :)

matthew111, Oct 20, 9:52am
one word. dont

tragic1, Oct 20, 10:08pm
It depends who u are with. Mercer would not let us even though we had no income from May this year and our funds were depleted. They said they would only look at it once all our savings had gone. A bit too bloody late then. Have changed providers and fortunately have work now.

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