OT - school dental clinics

robyn35, Oct 15, 2:53am
does anyone know the number that you call to get a primary school childs teeth checked. Thanks

kathy9, Oct 15, 4:42am
You need Northcote Dental Clinic(is at northcote school)Robyn0800 846 983

robyn35, Oct 15, 5:18am
is that the only one now!Have heard less than favourable things about there so might just take them to anormal dentist if that is they only option

lyttelton2, Oct 15, 5:31am
Hey robyn, the number we have for the free dental service is the same as the one given above 0800 846983. It is the new community dental bus that travels around schools and parks up while they see everyone. You can ring and make an appointment wherever they are. You don't have to follow through with any work they suggest if you would rather go elsewhere for actual treatment. (although you will pay at a 'real' dentist if not on a referral)

mickee1, Oct 15, 5:33am
There are others,but that is the one for that area - I was just there today with my son (5) and they were just amazing with him - he needed a filling.I also went thereabout two months ago for my other sons checkup (4) and despite him being difficult and wanting to lie on the chair up the wrong way, again they were amazing and worked to what he was comfortable with.I wouldn't hesitate to take them back to them.

toweroflondon, Oct 15, 5:34am
There's one at Chisnallwood Robyn.Think it services quite a large area and the staff there are very good at getting the kids to relax.

100peaks, Oct 15, 5:38am
I took Miss three there and they were fantastic! I also took her to my own dentist, but I would be happy to go back there again anytime.

robyn35, Oct 15, 5:59am
thanks everyone, will call them tomorrow.Have used chisnallwood earlier in the year and they were good so hoped to be able to go back there.Nice to hear good things about the northcote one as like I said I had heard negative comments and it had put me off, add to that I have one drama child who will probably need two teeth out so I was feeling really apprehensive.

ted-e-bare, Oct 15, 6:13am
When Miss 9 has had to have treatment outside of the usual schedule, she would go to Aranui High.We'd ring the 0800 number and they sent us there.We found them great.But I think that was damaged in an arson attack.

charlieb2, Oct 15, 6:15am
Yes it was ted-e-bare.Such a shame as I had my eldest there last year to have a few extractions.They were awesome and a lovely new facility.

bazyak, Oct 15, 7:22am
Aranui High dental clinic is all up and running again.

100peaks, Oct 15, 7:28am
My daughter had a chipped tooth and it was quite sore. She's only three and refused to get up onto their chair. They were great. She is a right little minx about doing something she doesn't want to- but they got her up on there and kept her entertained the whole time.

cdtomlinson, Oct 15, 7:31am
My Daughter goes to chisnallwood but has to go to Aranui high for some fillings.Couldn't get an appointment till Nov

pommie777, Oct 15, 9:10am
Not at Chissy at the moment sorry Robyn.

kathy9, Oct 16, 3:04am
hey robyn.had to take Miss 7 there last year(when she was 6)to get filling done and they were great if anything it was TOO nice and she wants to go back!

bubble-bobble, Oct 16, 7:54am
so what were the "less than favourable" things you have heard! that dental clinic hasnt been up for that long, and its wonderful, im guessing its because of the "school" itself you are thinking this, my niece and nephew go to that school and its anything but "less than favourable"

robyn35, Oct 16, 8:00am
what a load of tripe. I know nothing about the school and wouldnt judge a dental clinic like that, a friend had taken her child there recently (last couple of weeks) and didnt have a pleasant experience, but as that is where I will be going I will be able to judge the clinic for myself and hopefully things will be fine

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