Impact on school closures / mergers?

steph_s2, Oct 16, 5:56am
How do people feel about these!

david_270, Oct 16, 6:03am
There might not be many closures.The ministry is going to have full and comprehensive consultation and no decisions have been made.
(whoops, wheres my Tui. )

mbos, Oct 16, 6:10am
Bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa - that's the funniest thing I've heard all day!

PMSL, prepare to be well and truly 'consulted'. . .

mme, Oct 16, 12:23pm
Consulted by a National Govt,means shafted doesn't it

pommie777, Oct 16, 5:48pm
Yes, and 'rejuvenate' means pretty much the same thing!

indigojo, Oct 16, 8:34pm
I don't think the powers that be have truly thought though the issues around transporting kids to and from school, parking issues etc. But then I don't think they actually care.

NZ actually ranks pretty highly in OECD education stats (4th overall for literacy, maths & science).why is the government focused on "fixing" what isn't broken!
(yes, we have a larger "tail".but making bigger schools, removing high needs units/schools isn't going to change that!).

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