Brownlee quote 4500 kids off school roles.

kees4, Oct 17, 2:37am
Brownlee today saying 4500 kids out of schools in christchurch.
were is everyone gone!

samargh, Oct 17, 2:48am
And how many have come back and re enrolled or been replaced by people coming into the area!

skinner2, Oct 17, 2:56am
our homeschooling community has got much larger.perhaps they are here.

gaspodetwd, Oct 17, 3:39am
I am a homeschool Mum and my children will have disappeared off roll in Chch since the quake. But we are still here and they will go back into school in a few years time.

coffeeyum, Oct 17, 5:11am
i know 2 that are in son and another boy that was also in Shirley Intermediate.Cant account for the other 4498 though.

brightlights60, Oct 17, 5:23am
Ever since the first quake over 2 years ago, every Saturday newspaper with garage sale has people saying "moving, everything must go". There are a heck of a lot of people who have moved away. I would think 4500 is on the light side.

murrayt, Oct 17, 7:25am
How many of the estimated 10,000 - 15,000 tradies coming in to the city for the rebuild will bring families with them!

joey2221, Oct 17, 7:30am
Has Brownlee been asleep for 2years

shaman08, Oct 17, 7:36am
and how many will stay once their job finishes.hopefully they want to stay and become absorbed in communities here.

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