Tc3 sections

nondescript, Oct 8, 7:54am
Does anyone know of any baretc3 sections selling and if so
Did they have a geotechnical already done and how
Much we're they sold for please !Tia

pdh, Oct 8, 9:18am
I have noticed a few TC3 sections for sale lately. I have a friend who is a real estate agent and is having trouble selling them. I asked him what the additional cost to build on a TC3 section as they are going quite cheap. He said it would be about an additional $50K in cost for additional foundation work (hence the reason they are cheap, I presume). Unsure what it would be like trying to get insurance for anything built on a TC3 section. I would highly suggest doing some homework before going for something cheap. I have decided to stay away from them.

nondescript, Oct 8, 9:43am
Thanks for that .
I guess it depends we have a beautiful flat section reserve on two sides , no liquefaction originated on it but came from the street , we have had. Geotechnical done and just needs a rib raftfoundation . We just don't know whether to put it on the market or hold on to it for a couple of years .

charlieb2, Oct 8, 10:28am
Honestly nondescript, if you can hang on to it for a year or so, I would.The location sounds lovely.Eventually these sections will start selling again. People across the road from us are just sitting on their section at the moment - it will sell in due course. Still good school zones. and potential parkland nearby, lol.Sit tight if you can

cassina1, Oct 8, 10:31am
By holding on to it they would be gambling that there will be no more big quakes for its value to go up.

charlieb2, Oct 8, 10:59am
Indeed, or they can try and sell for sweet blessed all at the moment.As I said in my first post. 'if I could afford it' I'd hang on to it for a few years and see what happened.

100peaks, Oct 8, 8:12pm
I agree with charlie. Also we know several people that are unwilling to buy until there's a clearer idea of school zones etc. That of course, is all going to change.

bunny2121, Oct 9, 3:57am
We have a 820sq meter TC3 section as took cash offer and brought new house. We just going to hold onto it for 5-10 years and wait for area to be rebuild as its in a lovely spot. Think it will be worth quite a bit more in that time.

porkypig6, Oct 9, 4:04am
The extra cost for the foundation work on TC3 land at $50K would be really cheap. Our estimate so far is at least $80k minimum and up to $150k at the moment and this is around 120m^2 house. Also be warned that the red zone is always changing in certain areas (especially where I live) and so little return if purchased and red zoned.

oskybosky, Oct 10, 3:10am
Yes, but lets dont forget people, if you own a section that gets red zoned you will only get 50% RV.Better factor that into your analysis.

kiwicarol, Oct 10, 3:25am
you get rv as at 2007 if you were insured . is only unsinsured that get 50%

nondescript, Oct 10, 4:40am
Thanks everyone . The land is covered as the house was only removed six months ago .According to the geotechnical report the indicators look very straight forward for remediating the land . The section seems to have performed well with little differentiation of the solid ground base .I am meeting with the geotechnical people next week to fully understand what it all means :) I guess the thing about tc3 is that there is so much variationin foundation requirements . Thankfully we seem to be up the minor end .

nondescript, Oct 16, 8:01am
We had a meeting with geotechnical engineer to explain the section report today . Apparently it is positive because there is minimal differential settlement , no lateral spread , extremely good static building holding capacity , and only minimal liquifaction potential if we had a 7.5 in the future . He seems to think because there is so little differential settlement over the 5 test sites that it is likely our neighbours property will be the same .
So hopefully now in good conscience we can market it .:)

kees4, Oct 16, 9:36am
you would have to be silly to accept 50% rv things change specially governments with obese controllers

guest, Jun 9, 3:02pm
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