With a cool head, about the school closures.

gaspodetwd, Sep 28, 7:31pm
Now I've had time to think unemotionally about the proposed changes, I foresee:
Larger schools.
Schools citywide having to take in other pupils as parents decide that a different school is more suited than the one the government suggested.
Playing fields being lost to temporary classrooms and facility blocks.
Larger class sizes.
More traffic congestion.

My child is not affected. I have just been thinking about the social implications if all the closures go ahead.
What is your take on it, now the dust has settled!

emmaj26, Sep 28, 8:24pm
Agree, although not sure about the larger class sizes to an extent. Funding levels haven't changed BUT in a larger school, you have more 'walking' staff (not in classes, as there's a greater amount of admin work needed) which bump the class sizes up.

Some were bound to happen anyway, as the shift of communities has made that so. Some are just plain ridiculous, and I can see a backtrack on a few but most will go ahead.

saskianz, Sep 28, 8:27pm
I also see larger schools and greater distance to travel even if going to the closest school.With the closing of some primary schools, walking to the local one may be out of the question, so yes, more traffic and reliance on a car to travel.

Also, during the transition, there will be a lot of extra expense over uniform.One uniform for the school!If they allow old uniforms to be worn at the new school, that will slow the integration of pupils into new schools and may cause bullying etc.

Some of the proposed merges make no geographical sense (SBHS and CBHS for example) - again more travel and it the current policy of zones etc is really blown out of the water. I not sure how the new zones will work. Also where people have bought to be 'in zone' for a school, this may no longer be the case, and with Chch how it is at the moment, people are a bit stuck to move to the zone they may have wanted to be in for a particualr school.

jamesnmatt, Sep 28, 8:28pm
Absolutely any city school with a roll under 100 should be looked at carefully.Has it always been this low! Has it been declining steadily! Is it worse because of the quakes!

But shutting functioning schools of 2-300! Madness.

wizzball, Sep 28, 8:40pm
Especially those with a steadily increasing roll.

wayned, Sep 28, 8:45pm
Class size legistration hasn't been changed ( yet) so classes can't be any bigger than current, although some schools manage to run under maximum size and they now may run at maximum, so in realitylarger sizes.

Have a look at the Eastern cluster of Woolston, Bromley, Linwood Ave, Phillipstown, Linwood Int

The area is all TC2, no damage at the first 3 schools, apart for paths. Also the first three have stable or growing rolls.

Linwood Int is small, Phillipstown has damage. But out of those five schools only Bromley is staying on site with Linwood Ave merging into it.

There is something odd in this cluster, throw in Linwood College moving, Woolston & Phillpstown going to its site, and Woolstons good site being left empty, really strange.

Class sizes will prob increase a couple of kids.
Playing fields def smaller,unless council gives up a lot of adjacent parks.
Yes more cars, less walking.
Uniform expenses, urgh
Communities will lose their identity, most of the merging schools have quite different philosophies to each other.

lazkaz, Sep 28, 8:52pm
Changes have been on the agenda for years, rolls have been dropping even prior to the EQ, however it is a shame they could not leave things for a while.And the way it was handled, appeared that not everyone new or understood the situation.Some of the changes will be good, but I do not like the idea of large schools.Nor schools with 5 year old's to 18 year old's.Combining strong schools with each other, what a crock, I would not want that personally, what about a strong school with a weaker one,lift the morale and the strength.And what is wrong with small schools.My boy willis approaching his last year (2013) andPolytech so it does not affect me.However,I am at the other end of the rope which is very long and sad, Adult Literacy.If and a big IF this improves learning I am all for it, but its probably more monetary than anything else.A. L.affects all genders, all social areas, rich and poor, all races.The reward in my job is seeing those scared people coming in and after tutoring (which can take months/years) walking in and out with a bounce in their step, the confidence, the head held high, the changes are overwhelming.Adults who cannot help children with homework, etc, etc.And I assure you it is not just poor people.We unearth all sorts of learning difficulties.Working for a non profit organization is a privilege.

Well functioning schools should remain.Some schools could combine, what happens to the teachers, the office staff, I know people will leave Christchurch, and have we not lost enough.I struggle every day since the EQ, I struggle with the road works, injuries, I am not resilient, sick of that word.I do have a good life and enjoy new things, but I worry about what all this is doing to our young people.and our elderly. We just get on don't we.Have a great day everyone.may the sun shine on us all, (literally) come out sun!

merlin102, Sep 28, 9:24pm
I heard that Woolston school may possibly be transformed into a technical training center that will feed the schools in the area that once used Phillipstown Tech.Linwood Colleges new site will be in its lower feilds in Ferry Rd opposite Woolston School so they will use the new tech center as well.

leisurecraft, Sep 28, 9:40pm
I am no great fan of Intermediate Schools. New friends, new school, new teachers. and all this for just 2 years is very disruptive. Far prefer Primary Schools that go up to year 8 and/or High Schools that start at year 7.

wayned, Sep 28, 11:16pm
I have heard that also.

By doing that it effects All of the local schools.They could leave Woolston Bromley & Linwood Ave. close Linwood Intermediate.
Phillpstown merge with Wooslton or Linwood Ave.
Technical centre at Linwood Int,
Linwood College Stay or Move

Heaps cheaper, a lot less impact on the children.

micnic, Sep 28, 11:44pm
What I find really interesting is Linwood north and Bamford havent been mentioned both are not very big at all.

sikeres, Sep 29, 12:18am
I am of this school of thought too, I would like to see Junior High Schools, Year 7 through 10, then High Schools, Year 11 thru 13.

Intermediate is a very expensive two years of disruption.

tmeq, Sep 29, 2:08am
This just a personal opinion.
Intermediate school provided the only 2 years of education that I really enjoyed. And the same for my children.And we are all university educated.
Which is why we need choices and different options.Horses for courses.

fatima1, Sep 29, 2:21am
I on the other hand am happy with the status quo. master 13 has thrived at intermediate and is confidently awaiting what challenges await him at high school next year. mio.

jaygee56, Sep 29, 4:32am
Being a bit cynical, but the closures free up a lot of land for the Govt. Hidden agenda, perhaps!

hutt, Sep 29, 5:15am
I would love to know what the rationale is behind the closure/merging of all the different schools. The consultation held up until this point clearly shows that people do want choice in education options and do not want larger schools. This doesn't bode well for the consultation from now on, as obviously the Ministry has not listened in drawing up the proposals.

Our primary school has 600 students and is set to merge with a school of 250 while recapitating to include Years 7&8. This potentially means a primary school of 1000 pupils. It's all very well for those who aren't informed to say that it's about earthquake damage and falling rolls, but if they actually look at the facts its not this in all cases. What's more the intermediate that most of the pupils go to has 750 pupils and is the largest intermediate in the South Island. The closing of this school and creation of a super school has a large number of negative outcomes for the local communities it serves.

hutt, Sep 29, 5:32am

si50, Sep 29, 8:27am
Don't for a moment think that closures and merges are all that will happen and that all the 'other' schools are ok. ALSO on the agenda and not yet picked up by the media is proposed SHARING OF FACILITIES between 'cluster schools'. Schools across ChCH face the prospect of one board of trustees overseeing several school, schools with shared halls, (happy for 'your' school to have to trek your kids 3 km's - 5 or 10km even - down the road to the other school's hall!).libraries, sports facilities, technology providers, pools, teaching resources. goodbye community schools. Goodbye schools meeting the needs of their community. Goodbye school culture.

neodowd, Sep 29, 10:29am
My 2 cents as well, my son was at a primary, st pauls in Dallington and we moved across town after the earthquakes, he is thriving at intermediate, absoulutley loves it, best thing I could of done I think! I'm so glad we ended up moving and he has gone to intermediate, he loves school now and there is so much more opportunity. I don't know why people diss intermediate I went to chisnallllwood myself and loved it

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