School uniform sale - orbell st

robyn35, Sep 29, 12:11am
heard this being advertised on the radio again, has anyone been!More stock or just what they had left over last time!TIA

sikeres, Sep 29, 12:13am
I'm also interested, looking for charcoal trousers for CBHS, white shirts, and Cobham Intermediate girls uniform for next year.

meltweedie, Sep 29, 11:43am
i'm looking for hornby high, does anyone know if there is anything there

meltweedie, Sep 30, 4:31am

robyn35, Sep 30, 4:39am
had a quick look today, not much there, some Linwood High, CGHS, really cant remember what other schools as didnt look around once I saw there was nothing I needed.

j_9_, Sep 30, 10:27am
Might not be many schools left to choose from.

cassina1, Sep 30, 10:50am
Parents would have to be careful about buying school uniforms to check their kids school will not be closing before the uniform is worn out.

j_9_, Sep 30, 11:47am
Still going to be a long time if any of these will shut down surely. Fight the power!

bunny36, Oct 1, 3:31am
Im after a Kaiapoi high summer skirt and blouse.If anyone knows if they had any there

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