O/T looking for after school care for 14 year old

naddie, Oct 5, 2:18am
Hi there can anyone tell me if there is any after school care available for that age. I have been looking but cant find any agency that does it. My boy is physically 14 but mental age of 12. Looking for somewhere for after school as I am starting a new job,

charlieb2, Oct 5, 2:45am
You may want to add an area!

Also, maybe try an ad in your school newsletter. there maybe a local mum who is happy to have him after school!

liam2002, Oct 5, 5:01am
what area are you in naddie!

naddie, Oct 5, 5:24am
sorry i am in st martins

kiwimum, Oct 5, 8:53am
Slightly out of area http://www.mashkids.co.nz/ but I looked into this earlier in the year.

greenfruit1, Oct 5, 8:59am
Maybe its time to let your son be responsible by being on there own for a couple of hours. Till you get home. You might be surprised. Otherwise ask around your street.

pommie74, Oct 5, 9:03am
Correct me if I am wrong but don't you have to be 15 to be left alone!Or is that to be in charge of others!

naddie, Oct 5, 9:40am
Dont know what the age is but my son is not ready to be by himself. Would make my life easier if he was but he is only mentally 12.

kimmyflo, Oct 5, 9:48am
Can you try an agency like Grannys Nannys or other such babysitting service !

deb1002, Oct 5, 9:53am
Try the Homework Club, they wouldn't usually go up to high school age but it might be worth a try. http://www.thehomeworkclub.co.nz/

naddie, Oct 5, 10:02am
Thanks will try mash and the homework club.

merlin102, Oct 5, 10:09am
naddie i work at an after school programme in your area,,,,,,while im on holiday now, the programme is running over the holidays.I know we have taken children older than primary age before.give WOOSH a ring and have a chat to Darcy

naddie, Oct 5, 10:11am
Thanks will give them a call on Monday

greenfruit1, Oct 5, 9:14pm
This link has list of ages of responsibility. 14 is the age for home alone

roshu, Oct 6, 2:55am
Have you asked at his school, if there is any after care program!

naddie, Oct 6, 5:59am
Will ask when he returns to sch00l thanks

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