Does insurance company pay for the

sting20, Sep 12, 11:24pm
Accomadation and catterys

charlieb2, Sep 12, 11:29pm
You will need to check your policy, but, yes, many do

sting20, Sep 12, 11:29pm
Its my mums shes with Ami

dktk, Sep 12, 11:38pm
Depends on the cats clause

mbos, Sep 12, 11:39pm
Your Mum, or you on her behalf, need to get out her policy, read it, check what it says, and check with AMI what they say it says.

patti7, Sep 12, 11:51pm
As mbos said. Not all AMI policies are the same - you need to check which policy your Mum paid for.

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