S/o school buildings, how safe?

1mumof4, Sep 14, 12:57am
Whilst looking at the MOE's website for the proposed school changes I came across this:

If you look under your school's area cluster and then scroll down, it gives information of how many buildings at your school has earthquake damage and how many need strengthening.

It came as a bit of a surprised to me to find my younger kid's primary school has 5 out of it's 13 buildings need strengthening.I knew of one classroom that needed repairs last year and the kids were moved out of it while it was fixed, but I had no idea that there's five building that require strengthening.Certainly the school is using all of it's buildings.How come the council can close it's buildings for strengthening, but it's ok for our kids keep going to potentially unsafe buildings!And no, this isn't a school marked for closure, it will probably end up with even more kids.

angeb2, Sep 14, 1:12am
wow thanks for link, we have 1 out of 16 for strengthening which is great news, I thought it would have been more for the time it has been shut with eq's and the liquefaction

1mumof4, Sep 14, 2:51am
Wasn't it Burnside that was mentioned on the news as closing due to earthquake damage!According to this, out of their 50 buildings 11 need strengthening.That's a smaller percentage than my kids school.

mm12345, Sep 14, 3:06am
Are you mixing up Burnside primary with the high school!

1mumof4, Sep 14, 3:17am
No, it says Burnside primary with 50 buildings.Doesn't include the high school on that link.

chatsmom, Sep 14, 3:22am
They're probably as safe as our now shut libraries. I was happy to continue using them.

sikeres, Sep 14, 3:26am
Burnside Primary does not have 50 buildings!

worm28, Sep 14, 3:32am
think some of these number are wrong on that link

jamesnmatt, Sep 14, 3:36am
when you consider the 5 that might need it - think about the number of prefab buildings without actual piles that are on the site.I can think of 3 from the top of my head, 5 if I include the two portacoms.This would be considered quake strengthening (appropriate piling solution) but would not be considered a dangerous building per se.

helsbels2, Sep 14, 3:49am
Our schools states 11 from 11 but we have minimal cosmetic earthquake damage. No land damage and were first to reopen after the quakes.

jamesnmatt, Sep 14, 3:52am
11 from 11 need strengthening!

micnic, Sep 14, 4:44am
I think they are missing a linwood cluster group on that web site

bitsy_boffin, Sep 14, 5:19am
As seems usual for min' ed', they have made a hash of the site.

Halswell is missing from the list, but the page is present:
http://shapingeducation.minedu.govt.nz/guiding-the-process-of-renewal/find-my-school/halswell-learning-community-cluster As is Cashmere: http://shapingeducation.minedu.govt.nz/guiding-the-process-of-renewal/find-my-school/halswell-learning-community-cluster

Linwood and Port Hills are not on the list and don't seem to have pages either.

So pretty much another botched job by the Ministry of Education.

catlover7, Sep 14, 5:31am
how did you find those please I would like to look at the papanui cluster but it's not there

gdk1, Sep 14, 5:46am
Just because they need strengthening doesn't mean they are unsafe

1mumof4, Sep 14, 6:01am
That's why the CCC closed the libraries etc though.If they are safe, why can't the public continue using them!

100peaks, Sep 14, 6:08am
We're in Papanui and our school is in the 'Burnside' cluster. So check your surrounding suburbs :)

catlover7, Sep 14, 6:32am
i cant find it in any, im looking for northcote, casebrook and papanui

100peaks, Sep 14, 6:42am
Ok edit - Papanui Primary is under 'Redwood'

catlover7, Sep 14, 6:43am
wonder why

catlover7, Sep 14, 6:57am
sorry meant pap high

optima, Sep 14, 10:16am

toystoystoys1, Sep 14, 7:52pm
wow we are 18 buildings damage out of 18!mmmmmmm great

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