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100peaks, Sep 13, 7:20pm
does anyone know!

dktk, Sep 13, 7:25pm

luluweezie, Sep 13, 7:28pm
That's lame. I expected more from Lianne Dalziel.

asn, Sep 13, 7:42pm
Doesnt matter what party it is, Labour would do the same. This has been on the cards for some time, not just in chch. To build schools which go through to year 13 elimates children havings to move to intermediate and then high schools, which can be very unsettling for them.

robyn35, Sep 13, 8:03pm
we all know that this was on the card and I sure many will agree that since the EQ's changes had to be made, its the appalling way this has been announced with only half the information being available that is shocking.

mikesgirl, Sep 13, 8:19pm
We do have to realise that the schools that need decisions are in the red zones. Something has to done - decisions made. My family is affected but I am just choosing to wait and see. Yesterday was a shock and now the schools have to meet and talk to all involved - more info will come.

go_redandblack, Sep 13, 8:55pm
Labour will do more hand-wringing, but will be light on policy.

jamesnmatt, Sep 13, 8:59pm
really! Burnside Primary! Kendal Primary!Branston Int! Manning Int!Shirley Int!

wizzball, Sep 13, 9:21pm
Thats funny - Shirley Intermediate is NOT in the red zone and is actually THRIVING.

geoffange, Sep 13, 9:34pm
in the end this good become a good thing for christchurch - may not be all bad

freedomaira320, Sep 13, 9:48pm
Traditionally Labour is more community focused and invests more in education, so you'd expect them to be less heavy-handed in their approach.

wizzball, Sep 13, 9:51pm
No it may not be all bad in the long run but at this point I am failing to see the good in having my childs future screwed with.This is going to adversely affect a lot of children and families for a long time.There are going to be extra travel costs,disruptions,unhappy children, teaching staff and axillary staff losing their jobs,their families being disrupted.where is the good!

samargh, Sep 13, 10:27pm
^^^ this^^^

dezzie, Sep 13, 10:58pm
Labour closed heaps of schools in their last term.so I don't think they could say too much.

geoffange, Sep 13, 11:19pm
i get all that. i have family that are teachers and it also affects ALL of my children - but right now i need to see that some good will come of this or it will be yet another thing going on in this city that eats away at me

mikesgirl, Sep 13, 11:21pm
Yes some are not red zoned - sorry. I understand why people are upset/angry.I just realise that the earthquakes have changed things for some of the schools/areas and sadly decisions need to be made. I have decided to wait for the meetings after this announcement that will take place. I know the media - as can be usual - do make things worse. I would rather hear it from the Principals at the involved schools.

tideman, Sep 13, 11:29pm
As I understand it, these changes were largely decided upon by the Min of Education, so they would be similar whichever government was in power.The appalling thing is that officials who are paid mega bucks to sit at their desks in Wgton are so incompetent at getting things right when it comes to communication.

ferntown, Sep 13, 11:57pm
What an inane comment to make, I am guessing the constant grip you appear to have on yourself must seriously limit your ability to contribute to this discusion!

wizzball, Sep 14, 12:05am
*HUGS*I get that.

mbos, Sep 14, 12:07am
Yeah, I guess we might as well write off our kid's happiness and wellbeing.Clearly the Government has.But hey, it's a worthwhile sacrifice for the future, right!I'm sure they'll ALL still turn out to be perfectly well adjusted, contributing tax payers and workers/employers, huh!Or will they!

kew, Sep 14, 5:51am
I would imagine it would be in line with their position in 2004.Just how many schools did Labour (Actually Trevor Mallard) close back in 2004!Anybody!

dreamingofbali, Sep 14, 6:58am
In Christchurch!

holly_turner, Sep 14, 7:15am
That is a ridiculous comment, we should never insulate children from change, or how will they cope when they become adults. I disagree with the loss of individual school characters

blue, Sep 14, 7:31am
Don't forget Yaldhurst and Greenpark.Yaldhurst was the first school in Christchurch to open after the Feb quakes.

rach2004, Sep 14, 9:24am
It feels like the government is using Christchurch like a massive experiment on how much people will put up with, my daughter is in her last year at Avonside thank goodness cause I don't want her to be part of it. We left Chch a couple of weeks ago out to Rolleston and now I am so thankful, because I couldn't imagine kids not being able to walk to school in there own communities and the merging thing is horrible as any one who has grown up in Christchurch will know we are very proud of our own schools and the thought of that neighouring school joining your own is madness.The government lost out with there wanting to increase class sizes - they will get this now. I also feel that the government has alot of underlaying reason for doing what they are doing, maybe planning on selling off as much as Christchurch to overseas investers as possible! Sorry rant over just thinking out loud.

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