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borolad, Sep 13, 1:01am

taniakaa, Sep 13, 1:09am
Wow wee

helsbels2, Sep 13, 1:14am
Glad mine is almost finished at one of the merging schools cos no way would we want to merge with a decile 1 school. School pickup today will be interesting

gerogia1, Sep 13, 1:19am
Wow! thanks for the link.

coffeeaddict09, Sep 13, 1:21am
there is nothing wrong with a decile 1 school my son started at a decile 6 school he hated it he has been at a decile 1 school for over a year and is excelling they get more government help and get the things they need without us as parents shelling out thousands on top of what we already fork out, my son will be upset his school is merging

blue, Sep 13, 1:23am
Oh no my childrens school is merging.

taniakaa, Sep 13, 1:24am
so if does cluster meanthat if your child is at Aranui primary,she then goes on to Chisnallwood intermediate then HAS to go to Aranui high school - or will you be able to still apply to go to Shirley Boys! gosh how is this going to work

dreamingofbali, Sep 13, 1:25am
"Shock announcement". I'll say!

coffeeaddict09, Sep 13, 1:26am
So is my sons school he will be very upset

jamesnmatt, Sep 13, 1:27am
guess house values in CBHS/CGHS zone will go down - after all the zone will have to cater for the riffraff from SBHS and AGHS LOL

helsbels2, Sep 13, 1:28am
It dosen't say when is this years away or next year!

jamesnmatt, Sep 13, 1:30am
logistically it will take years - you have nearly 3,000 boys in those two high schools alone.Neither site is equipped for that.Splitting it in to a junior and a senior college could work but again you would need to allow time for that to happen.I expect I won't see any of these changes for my teens.

miney1, Sep 13, 1:31am
#5 You are quite right the higher the decile the poorer the schools are.Over double the amount per child is given by the government and they also qualify for a number of other things as well. Am rather uncertain thatthe scheme is working that well though.

traykuku, Sep 13, 1:33am
And looks like Pegasus will indeed get a school.hope that puts to rest all the naysayers!

kimmy06, Sep 13, 1:35am
So, does merging schools mean they will be site-sharing like in earthquake days! Or does that mean that two schools will share one site at the same rime!

merlotkiwi, Sep 13, 1:39am
I would take it to mean that instead of having two schools that you will now only have one with all of the children together.
One set of infrastructure/staffing, not two.

merlotkiwi, Sep 13, 1:41am
You might want to inform yourself on what the decile ranking means

kimmy06, Sep 13, 1:44am
That's what I took it to mean. That's absurd. There are a lot of kids to "shove" together from Shirley Boys and CHCH Boys, meaning that their learning will be compromised. I can't fathom how this would work. Too many people.

helsbels2, Sep 13, 1:44am
I know what the other school is like decile ranking whatever yes they get more money form the government but its nice if day to day needs are met at home first

puddleduck00, Sep 13, 1:45am
There's been a few of them with the current government.

luluweezie, Sep 13, 2:00am
I can't see any announcement about Pegasus getting a high school -- that would be wonderful! Where did you see that!

Gutted about my boys' primary school merging, waaaaay too many kids now. We'd planned to return to Chch in a few years but no way would I want them in a school of 700+ kids! That's just crazy.

kpainter, Sep 13, 2:05am
interesting to see the list of the 13 schools to close seeing as it only states Banks Ave.

dreamingofbali, Sep 13, 2:06am

jamesnmatt, Sep 13, 2:07am

kyle0703, Sep 13, 2:08am
Earmarked for closure are Linwood Intermediate, Branston Intermediate, Richmond, Burnham, Burnside primary, Glenmoor primary in Mairehau, Hammersley Park primary in Shirley, Greenpark, Kendal school in Burnside, Le Bons Bay, Manning Intermediate, Duvachelle and Okains Bay.

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