katie222, Sep 14, 7:53am
at Ferrymead Park, off bridal path road from 11am.

suzyf, Sep 14, 9:24am
Thanks, will go :-)

tracymarie73, Sep 15, 1:56am
Will it be postponed if the weather is bad!

calista, Sep 15, 8:00am
Is that the park near the top of Bridal Path Rd or at the bottom!

And what time please!

merlin102, Sep 15, 8:02am
Its Ferry Road end of Bridal Path

calista, Sep 15, 8:20am
Thanks Merlin.

I went to the school's website and it is one of the clearest I have ever seen.Also the organisation of the Fair seems really impressive.

So well done Redcliffs School - Fair starts at 11 with the kapahaka group at 11.05 (I love school kapahaka groups).

merlin102, Sep 15, 8:45am
Same.i loved the cultural festivial as well.

katie222, Sep 15, 9:46am
Hi. Very unlikely it won't be on. Weather not looking too bad. It is going to amazing. Redcliffs always puts on one of the best fairs, this one won't disappoint!

granny98, Sep 15, 11:35am
Last years one at Ferrymead was not that great.

katie222, Sep 15, 7:44pm
Last years was not school fair, it was a fan zone for rugby world cup, it was more of a community get together. This years will be the same as what has previously been at the school. Heaps more rides and stalls:)

mizz_innocent, Sep 15, 10:46pm
anyone have an idea roughly how much the rides will be!

tracymarie73, Sep 16, 7:30am
I went.Sorry to say I thought it was a tad overpriced.My kids were even shocked.Mind you on a positive note we did get some awesome bargains at the white elephant!

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