Tamariki school

holly_turner, Sep 14, 7:18am
My understanding is that Tamariki school is a special character public school - but I didn't see it on the list! Does anyone know if it will be impacted!

Hoping my children will be able to walk to a school nearby one day.

katriana, Sep 15, 10:25pm
it's an integrated school so not totally public

cloffie, Sep 15, 10:40pm
it has a small roll of about 60 .
Can integrated schools not be given the chop Katriana!

ecomum, Sep 16, 12:04am
Integrated to what! I thought it was a special character school.

anntig, Sep 16, 3:25am
At the moment it is not affected by the changes\closures.
It's known as a special charter school and is government funded but does not follow all the same rules as a "normal" school does

francesca11, Sep 16, 8:15am
It's integrated, so isn't part of the changes.Same with all Catholic schools, Anglican schools, Montessori schools, Steiner, etc.

Integrated is half public, half private - parents pay compulsory fees to go there.

katriana, Sep 16, 12:12pm
that. it's integrated with the state. Current roll is about 40

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