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bandit101, Sep 14, 6:16am
For Banks Ave, MarshlandWoolston and others will get a 21st Century Schoolwith all the modcons. Technology will be uptodate and classrooms in pods. This a great opportunity and everyone should grab it. Banks Av buildings were dated and due to be replaced.

Is Banks Ave new site Shirley Intermediate!

blue, Sep 14, 6:42am
No positives at my childrens of 140 going to a school of around 90.

bandrach, Sep 14, 6:51am
Banks Ave have 3 site options and will be discussed and decided upon soon I believe

bandit101, Sep 14, 7:00am
What are they!

bandrach, Sep 14, 7:02am
I know Shirley In is 1. Unsure of other 2

charlieb2, Sep 14, 7:07am
burwoodb park and hammersley

holly_turner, Sep 14, 7:12am
Woolston primary has had a lot of money plunged into it from what I can tell when we go there to vote.

taffyman1, Sep 14, 7:24am
How can you be losing 50 students!

blue, Sep 14, 7:28am
We are not losing 50 students.Our school of roughly 140 is merging with a school of about 90.

taffyman1, Sep 14, 7:36am
Oh sorry I read that the wrong way, oops. I feel for you guys, We are lucky we have not been affected (yet), But believe me everyone is thinking of those that are affected. I hope your transition goes as smoothly as it can

mbos, Sep 14, 7:37am
taffyman, our school is not merging or closing, but I'm not kidding myself we won't be affected.We will.

taffyman1, Sep 14, 7:39am
sorry still wondering so your school will have around 230 students! BIG change

taffyman1, Sep 14, 7:41am
mbos, I was kind of wondering what the impact would be on schools that at this stage are not included in this announcement. Im sure there will be implications for everyone

merlin102, Sep 14, 7:57am
We havent been affected as yet.but who knows.but for our school it will possibly mean no more manual/tech training.The possibility of increased roll due to schools merging in our area and parents choosing our school instead of the merged school.
I also feel for the oscar programmes that will be affected,i would at a guess say after school programmes will also close and that will mean job losses in this feild also.
And IF Phillipstown and Woolston do merge on a new site what will become of the brand new dental service that hasnt long opened on the Woolston school site.that would be a terrible waste of money if that has to close too.

dm0044, Sep 14, 8:44am
my childs school is merging and will now offer year 7 & 8 classes. i'm pleased about this as i was not keen on him cycling over the bridge and through red zone to Chisnalwood. I also feel pleased that they are looking at building a high school in Marshlands. For us personally there are many positives. Some of my friends kids are at another local school which is merging they are also really pleased as they are hoping there will be more investment in the school with the roll now growing considerably. Personally, i hated intermediate so i'm glad my children can stay on at there school for those 2 years. And I suppose there is the saving on uniforms as well.

dm0044, Sep 14, 8:46am
i'm guessing many of the facilites that aren't eq damaged will be re-used at the new school sites

bandit101, Sep 15, 8:02am
Don't think Banks Ave will get a new school if they go to Shirley Intermediate site. Shirley Int is not damage so will they knock all the buildings downand rebuild. Dont think so.

joycey60, Sep 15, 8:11am
oh CHCH is just simply awesome.

robyn35, Sep 15, 8:18am
do you realise that the schools that are merging will both be closed and then all teachers principals and staff will have to reapply for the positions and the merged school will most likely be rebranded.if not as simple as just chucking two schools together which is what some people seem to think will happen.It going to be a very unsettling time for all involved so not sure how to put a positive spin on that

Not sure where the high school for marshlands has come from, havent seen that proposal, have seen that Marshland Primary might move into the new Prestons subdivision

dm0044, Sep 15, 8:58am
i thought this was a thread on ppl being positive not getting mad at others. Yes, i'm aware that there will be many changes to our school. yes teachers will need to re-apply if they are good teachers then there should be nothing to worry about. hopefully most of the teachers will be absorbed into the new structure. They will get plenty of notice not like alot of ppl who quite often get 4 weeks in private sector jobs. I'm sure there are many issues here; low rolls. old damaged buildings, playgrounds, swiimming pools that are costly and not worth repairing, land damage, insurance issues. (look at the proposaL many of the schools closing had rolls under 100 students with all of the buildings needing repairing or strengthening work) and some are located in areas that are going to be severley affected by red zoning. Inthe proposal they are suggesting a school for Marshlands year 1-13. Isn't this what everyone in the East has been fighting for! I'm not going to be-grudge children from a school that I consider to be sitting in a dangerous location coming and sharing my childrens school.I see it asprogress, Middle schools are an outdated concept. I'm just gonna wait and see more details but so far I like what they are suggesting.

pommie777, Sep 15, 9:09am
Unfortunately lots of good teachers have plenty to worry about and having plenty of notice is not much consolation to be honest.

pommie777, Sep 15, 9:13am
Oh, and my children are also at the school that is being merged into. I have no issues with the merger as such but I have no idea where they are planning on accommodating all the children from the incoming school PLUS all the Yr 7 & 8's they are supposedly going to be keeping as well. More kids = more classrooms = less playing space, but surely with more kids you need more playing space!

dm0044, Sep 15, 9:22am
I'm afraid very few people have a job for life nowdays. We don't know what will happen with teacher numbers. its a case of wait and see for now.

dm0044, Sep 15, 9:25am
maybe they will change thezoning. When I read the proposal and looked at what they are suggested I could visualise how it all might fit with new zoning etc especially in my area and local schools. Maybe they will get two storey buildings. We wil have to wait and see!

bandit101, Sep 15, 9:50am
In England my children in Year 7 went to a middle school-Year 7to 11. After year 11 they went to a college. I never had our children at College but they did attend the middle school. IIt seemed to work well for them. I think the year 1-13 schools will be like a shared campus. with a Lower and Upper school .Lots of advantages with 21st century learning. many of the schools in Christchurch were designed for learning in the 20's
The problem has been with the consultation. Who is leading this: John Banks!

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