Why not plant fruit trees in school grounds

theoldknitwit, Sep 18, 8:47pm
instead of other types. At least the kids would be able to enjoy eating the fruit.

judeneil, Sep 18, 9:23pm
Good idea. I know some schools have the fruit in schools program and this would be a way of self support too. Some schools even grow veges so the students learn about that too.

medicina, Sep 18, 9:51pm
Many (perhaps most) schools do, but in allocated areas to stop spoil and leaf fall from adding to the maintenance budget.Deciduous fruit trees are not such good shelter belts.

hamtostie, Sep 18, 9:53pm
Kids throw stuff.

nattypoo, Sep 18, 10:10pm
we moved from auckland and my daughter school there had an orchard and worm farms and all and every friday they would have healthy roll day and all the vegis were from the school garden was a great idea and there was also a group of students that my daughter was a part of that helped care for the plants and learnt a lot too. was a very green school

gaspodetwd, Sep 18, 10:58pm
I have always wondered this. At my primary school, gardening was on the curriculum in year 6, and every child was given a small patch of ground and seeds. We learnt such a lot about nature, gardening, science, etc that it should be compulsory!
It was a year's work - not just a short project.

kkiwi_nz, Sep 18, 11:40pm
We had a Walnut tree at AGHS in the 70's and were banned under threat of dire punishment from going anywhere near it. Used to see teachers out collecting for themselves though!

theoldknitwit, Sep 18, 11:49pm
They could have bagged the nuts & sold them as a fund raiser.

maandpa2b, Sep 19, 12:17am
A good lesson in self restraint and respect for property would sort this out.Please treat our kids with a bit of intelligence.they are not monkeys

lambrat, Sep 19, 12:19am
thats nuts! (sorry)

i have a child-sown 3m walnut tree to donate to a school, the kids here used to throw them around all over the place and one got away from me.

supersapper, Sep 19, 3:05am
Many schools have gardens again these days which is great.have heard though that alot of stuff gets stolen (as with community gardens) which is frustrating for those that put the effort in.

sikeres, Sep 19, 3:10am
I'd love it for our school, but we are now in the process of trying to stay open!

The children at our school have worked hard on the various garden areas of our school, the vege patch, the hanging strawberry baskets, the fruit trees, the butterfly garden and the native garden.They collect food scraps for composting, and work hard weeding, pruning and propogating!

elliehen, Sep 19, 3:14am
But they will need a vigilant playground monitor - plums are irresistible missiles ;)

lambrat, Sep 19, 3:18am
the walnut tree is actually 2m so plenty of time. it had a couple of walnuts on it last year!
good luck with the school fight :(

robyn276, Sep 19, 3:21am
They have school vegy gardens and fruit trees in Wanganui at some schools but vandals are terrible. upset the children when they come to school and find their good work pulled out or trampled over. Even the community gardens get vandalized.

sikeres, Sep 19, 3:31am
Thanks lambrat, we have our first Community Meeting tomorrow night at 7:30pm!

diana96, Sep 19, 7:22am

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